30 Day Dress Challenge 2016 – Day 7

I’m clearly not here to impress anyone with my photography skills but I have to warn you that today is particularly unimpressive.



At least Pearl’s head is mostly there.

I took pictures (with a timer, obviously) early this morning before my parents came up from the big city to visit for the day. I got them in between breakfast, vacuuming, and getting Pearl and Bella the Dog to the park for an hour to get out some of their combined crazies.


There’s my head. My blurry, blurry head. And the dog!


That’s about the best I got. Pearl had a rather clingy day.

This dress is from Joe Fresh, thrifted in Chilliwack, and I wore a tank top from Old Navy over it. (You can see how I wore it on its own in 2014 here, in 2013 with a cardigan here, or with a t-shirt here.)

I neglected to wear shoes but I wore this dress with my Chuck Taylors to the park and with sandals to the beach in the afternoon.

The pockets on this dress are oddly poofy and hit me right at the hips so while it’s very comfortable, it’s not one I wear very much. In fact, I’m realizing at this moment that probably the last time I wore it was during the 30 Day Dress Challenge in 2014. Might be time to let this one go.

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