What I Read – January 2019


Article 353 – Tanguy Viel (translated by William Rodarmor) (Other Press, 2019)

Great Stories – Arthur Conan Doyle (John Murray, 1959)

Mr. Palomar – Italo Calvino (translated by William Weaver) (Harvest Book, 1985)

Educated – Tara Westover (Harper Collins, 2018)

In Our Mad and Furious CityGuy Gunaratne (MCD x FSG Originals, 2018)

Radiant Shimmering LightSarah Selecky (Harper Avenue, 2018)

Bridge to Terabithia – Katherine Paterson (Scholastic, 1996)

A Month in the Country J.L. Carr (New York Review Book, 2000)

A Moveable Feast – Ernest Hemingway (Touchstone, 1996)

Tomorrow There Will Be SunDana Reinhardt (Viking, 2019)

All the Broken ThingsKathryn Kuitenbrouwer (Random House Canada, 2014)

The Only Thing That Counts: The Ernest Hemingway – Maxwell Perkins Correspondence edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli (University of South Carolina Press, 1996)

Currently Reading:

Celebration of Discipline – Richard Foster

Fathers and Sons – Ivan Turgenev

When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalinithi

Reading Goals:

Books Read: 12/100

Books Reviewed: 7/50

January is off to a great start! I’ve cut back on my computer/screen time by being more deliberate about how I spend that time. More reading blogs I enjoy and interacting with friends and less mindless scrolling. I’ve also been quite good about turning it all off and reading in bed and journalling each night before I go to sleep. I’m not sure that I’ll keep this pace up but it’s nice to start the year off strong.

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