2019 so far…

Puddle stomping is a popular activity around here.

It feels like, once again, we have entered a new stage. Pearl will be four this month. (Four! Why does that sound so old to me?) Rose reached sixteen-months at the end of January. In many ways, they are both increasingly independent. In many other ways, they need us more than ever.

Pearl is firmly in kid stage, steadily learning and developing. She is more comfortable doing things without Peter or I but still wants us close by. She’s been taking a dance/acrobatics class and enjoys it a lot. She’s a kid who loves to move.

Posing with a beaver lodge.

Rose has entered the stage where she wants to do everything her big sister is doing. Wearing a hat. Climbing over the couch. Putting a fork on her head. Throwing things. Yelling. Reading a book. As you might guess, there are pros and cons to this stage.

Pearl “reading” a book to Rose.

In general, they are very sweet together and have actually started to play together. They love to race, running laps around the kitchen. Pearl will often happily pull Rose in the wagon or (in our recent snow) on the sled. They take turns going through tunnels made out of blankets and Pearl builds block towers for Rose to knock down. Yes, there is a lot of snatching. Sometimes they fight over balloons or shoelaces or other ridiculous and mundane objects. I probably say, “Be gentle” and “Take turns” a dozen times a day. But I see their sisterhood developing and how they care for each other and it is very, very special.

Despite the usual rainy January and a near constant stream of colds and flus in our house, we’ve tried to enjoy the outdoors as much as we can. Rose is eager to walk instead of being carried which is pretty adorable. Not speedy, but adorable

I call this “Mom in real life”

I keep thinking I just need one really good night’s sleep (Rose also got four molars this month) but I also keep thinking how amazingly fortunate I am that this is my life.

(One of Pearl’s new favourite things is taking photos so please enjoy some of my favourites that she’s taken. There are many, many others that are simply of her bookshelves, her floor, and her toes.)

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