TBR Additions and Other Ramblings

Happy Weekend! Do weekends even exist now? Is time meaningless?

The weather here is soaring into the 20s and it’s feeling more and more like summer. It is most welcome because my new parenting strategy is Always Be Outside. My kids are just better behaved when they spend time outside. I turned our front driveway into a board game and Pearl and I have had lots of fun out there. Both Pearl and Rose are getting really good on their respective bikes so neighbourhood bike rides have become common around here. We also spent a lovely Friday afternoon at the beach, including a picnic lunch.

Yes, Rose is dressed as Snow White at the beach.

TBR Additions:

Bunny – Mona Awad (One that’s been circulating on lists since it come out in but Naty’s review finally convinced me to add it to the TBR.)

My Name is Monster – Katie Hale (Not sure if I’ll get to this post-apocalyptic novel soon but it does sound intriguing. Sarah’s recent review convinced me on this one.)

Misconduct of the Heart – Cordelia Strube (I really liked Strube’s previous novel, which I reviewed here, and so will happily read her latest offering.)

And Other Ramblings:

  • Turns out Peter’s phone number is one digit different from a hospital in Vancouver. So that’s fun.
  • This beautiful song that churches across the UK joined together to sing.
  • As a reminder to not believe everything you see on the internet, I discovered a photo I took of St. Peter’s Square in 2013 was used in a recent article about the shutdown in Italy. I mean, I’m sure the square does look like this now but the picture is certainly not current.
  • Bringing me joy: my buttons featuring Bonnie Henry and her catchphrase. Henry is British Columbia’s provincial health officer and her calm, sensible demeanour during her daily updates has been a balm in these chaotic times. I hope when the inevitable baby boom occurs in nine months, there are a lot of babies named both Bonnie and Henry. (I bought my pins here and proceeds go to supporting the Food Bank.)
  • Along with that, our province is entering the next stage of re-opening next week. We are looking forward to expanding our social circle a tiny bit and are cautiously optimistic about the way things are going in BC.
  • Mother’s Day flowers delivered to me at work. Who knew my girls were so thoughtful? Fun fact: These came from the same florist who did our wedding flowers nearly a decade ago.
  • And speaking of anniversaries…My parents recently celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary!

Happy Saturday, folks!

10 thoughts on “TBR Additions and Other Ramblings”

  1. Your kids are so lovely and I love Rose’s dress! I hope you enjoy the new books you added to your TBR, and I especially hope you like Bunny!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day!! I hope you enjoy My Name is Monster when you get around to it. I’ll likely be picking up Bunny soon, and am hoping I love it! Sounds so stressful to have a phone number one digit off from a hospital, hopefully that hasn’t been too crazy.

    1. Thanks! The phone thing hasn’t been too crazy, fortunately. Personally, I hardly ever answer calls from numbers I don’t know but my husband’s job requires him to. At least now that he knows, he can quickly redirect the caller!

  3. That’s one of the most beautiful flower bouquets! Usually I get roses or carnations because they’re less expensive *guilty face* but even those flowers can be pricey here!

    I must confess I laughed out loud about Peter’s phone number. That so troubling because I’m sure you’ve gotten all sorts of weird, sad, possibly scary calls.

    Did you contact anyone about the article using your photo without permission? That’s plagiarism, internet!

    1. Isn’t it beautiful? Peter sheepishly confessed he had never spent so much on flowers before! This year I ordered flowers delivered for both my mom (in the city) and his mom (here) and noticed that city prices were significantly higher.

      I have thought about some of the calls since. Nothing too troubling (at least that Peter’s told me) but you do wonder about them later, especially the ones who have given their names and ailments before he can correct them.

      I didn’t though it definitely is plagiarism! The article is in Greek and I had to use Google translator to figure it out. They don’t seem like a major news source so I can’t imagine their making big money from it. Maybe if it became a trend, I would pursue it, or if it were like Fox News or something.

  4. Happy (belated) Mother’s Day! Your flowers look lovely. As does Snow White at the beach! 🙂

    I’m happy to see Bunny and My Name is Monster on your list- I just started Bunny and am really liking it so far, and I’m very excited to pick up My Name is Monster soon! I’d love to see your thoughts on both, when you get to them!

    1. Thank you!

      I think I might have to start getting some e-books from the library in order to keep up with my TBR! I like physical copies but I can’t buy everything!

    2. I’ve been thinking the same! I definitely prefer physical books but between the WP and the alternate longlist I’ve picked up a lot of books lately- need to get back to library use one way or another!

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