Library Check-Outs and Other Things

Our library re-opened!

I feel like I’ve been a little absent from around here this week. Although I’ve been reading as normal (I finished Hamnet & Judith and am now reading The Nickel Boys) I haven’t had enough brain space to write a review or check-in on other blogs. The big change this past week is that Pearl started kindergarten! While this was a transitionary week, it has still been a shift to our routines. I sent her off Monday, under smoke-filled skies from the wildfires on the West Coast in the US. I don’t plan on sharing much about her school experience here but I will say that she is doing fantastic, I’m so proud of her, and I’ve been very impressed by her teachers and the school staff.

On Friday I took the opportunity of having just one kid with me and Rose and I headed to the library for the first time in six months. We have used the hold and pick-up service a couple of times and in fact this week I was only picking up books I’d put on hold previously so the experience wasn’t vastly different.

Rose and I sanitized our hands and were counted as we entered. Masks are mandatory for those over the age of 5; I gave Rose the choice of whether or not she wanted to wear hers and she said yes. I like to remind the girls that wearing our masks keeps people around us safe and they have done very well when they are required to wear them.

We picked up our holds which were mostly kids books and a few for me.

These were my choices for the girls. A few favourite authors (Shirley Hughes, Kevin Henkes, Mo Willems, Julie Flett) and some new ones. We watched Dan Santat on one of Mo Willems’ Lunchtime Doodles so I thought it would be fun to read his books. Pearl especially enjoyed Beekle. She also quite enjoyed The Doll Hospital, especially since I recently sewed up a beloved stuff toy. Rose loves the Penny books by Kevin Henkes. Without browsing the shelves, I found I struggled to come up with new books to borrow. So I went through a list of Caldecott winners and got every one since 2000 that we hadn’t read/our library had available. The Man Who Walked Between the Towers brought up some interesting conversation with Pearl about the history of the Twin Towers. I wasn’t entirely prepared for that but I think it was good. Looking at Julie Flett’s books led me to a few more Indigenous Canadian authors – Monique Gray Smith, Katherena Vermette, David A. Robertson. Roberston’s When We Were Alone would be a great introduction to talking about residential schools with kids. Pearl didn’t have any questions after reading that one so we haven’t broached that topic yet. Flett’s Wild Berries incorporates Cree language and Joseph Had a Little Overcoat has some great additions in the pictures to spot.

As for me, my holds were:

I’m fairly certain all three are influenced by the reviews of other book bloggers so if you have written a review of any of them feel free to leave a link in the comments. I plan to start with How Much of These Hills is Gold since that’s the one I’m most excited about but hopefully I can get to them all in the next three weeks. Wish me luck!

Does September create a new routine for you? What are you reading right now? Is your library open? What’s it like in the rest of the world?

10 thoughts on “Library Check-Outs and Other Things”

  1. I spent my life ages 5 to 33 completely beholden to the school calendar, first as a student and then as a professor. It’s so wild that fall comes, and for the past two years I haven’t changed alongside it. At the theater, plays kept being scheduled, and at the library, I’m still looking up information and requests and helping patrons with computers. The only change I see now is some pumpkin decorations in my neighbors’ windows and the air becoming quite chill.

    1. This makes me realize fall has never not meant back to school for me, at least in some way! Between my own school years and being married to a teacher, it’s always signalled a new start.

    2. I love the opening of You’ve Got Mail when Meg Ryan’s character talks about how she loves fall and wants to send her unknown AOL friend a bouquet of sharpened pencils.

  2. Nice! Ava started Kingdergarten too, although she’s been going to full-time preschool so it wasn’t much of a change for us. We had smoke most of the week too, although today (Sunday) was a beautiful clear day so I’m hoping it’s gone for good. Beekle is a great book! Ava got that as a baby and it’s a favourite of ours 🙂

    1. I thought Ava must be starting kindergarten too! I hope it’s going well for her! And I can’t believe how far reaching the smoke is. The sun finally came out today here too and it was so nice.

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