2021 Highlights: Week 4

Getting pictures printed. This is something I try and do every January. Just a whole lot of photos from the previous year. It’s always fun to look through them, display them, and see how much our kids have grown!

A surprise package from some dear friends in Germany. Which has also meant lots of delicious German chocolate.

The story walk made by our local library for Family Literacy Week.

The employee at the dollar store who offered to look at home for stickers for me. I went in to search for fox items, Pearl’s chosen theme for her birthday this year. Obviously it’s really hard to plan her birthday and it’s going to be so different from last year. I mentioned something of this to the woman as she helped me look and when she couldn’t find much in store she told me that she scrapbooks a lot and will look through her sticker stash at home. I don’t even care if she finds anything; I was so touched by the offer. It came on a day when I was feeling really sad about the way things are in the world right now and it reminded me of how much goodness there still is and how kind we can still be to one another.

Participating (via zoom) in an Early Literacy course put on by our school district. It’s always nice to be reminded of how important reading with our kids is. Especially because I haven’t been feeling like a great mom this week but reading with the girls is a parenting thing that I do consistently nail!

Neighbourhood deliveries to little friends.

4 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 4”

  1. That’s such a touching offer, having someone offer to look through their personal stash to help out with a child’s birthday party! There are some good souls in the world after all. 🙂 And foxes sound like a lovely party theme.

    1. Isn’t it so nice? I don’t really care if we have fox stickers or not but the simple fact that a stranger cared really made my day.

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