2021 Highlights: Week 3

  • These princesses going for a ride:
  • Rose’s crazy hair in the morning: (plus Justin Beaver peeking out between us)
  • Rose and I were walking through the neighbourhood on a sunny afternoon when we came across Pearl’s class, on their way back from a local park. I saw them from a distance and was heading a different direction so as not to disrupt them when the kids at the front spotted me and started yelling out, “It’s Pearl’s mom! There’s Pearl’s mom! Pearl, it’s your mom!” In such a strange school year where it’s been hard to get to know the other kids and their families, it made me so happy that all these little kids know I’m Pearl’s mom.
  • This news article reporting that cases of the flu have been so low in B.C. that they basically can’t say the flu season has even begun. It also reminded me of the realization I had last week that nobody in our family has had a fever in the past year. (Something that is particular amazing in a family with little kids.)
  • First bouquet picked by little hands in our backyard:
  • Bernie Sanders’ mittens.
  • Sourdough pretzels! (With special thanks to Emily at Literary Elephant who shared her own sourdough pretzel successes and encouraged me to try again.)
  • After school explorations in the sunshine. (It’s been sunny but very cold this week. Forecast is even calling for snow this weekend!)

5 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 3”

  1. Yay! I love that you and Emily are friends, too. I chose some Bernie mitten pics for my Sunday Lowdown that I loved, but even funnier was the meme of Biden looking sadly out a window with the caption, “I have mittens too.” LOL!

    1. Haha! Poor Biden…imagine the spotlight being taken from you on your big day because another old man showed up wearing mittens and a sensible coat!

  2. Wow, imagine being recognised by a class of school kids as one of their number’s mom! I remember those days well, although I was dad not mom, but it was good that the kids knew who I was, and rushed Katharine to get out of the door so I wasn’t kept waiting. She’s now grown up with 2 kids of her own and another due any day now.

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