2022 Highlights: Week 37

We started this week with a visit from my parents. We met for lunch in Roberts Creek and a walk on the beach and they stayed the night at our home.

We celebrated Rose’s birthday (a little early) with them. I think she had a nice time!

On Monday Rose had a half day of kindergarten and after picking her up with my mom and dad we had a little beach time before I had to get Pearl from school

This week was all half days for Rose which meant I still had a lot of back and forth between home and school. But morning drop-off time was the same for both girls so I had about 2 and a half hours on my own every day. I did things like cleaning my bathroom, reading, vacuuming, visiting the RCMP station to get a criminal record check done, browsing the thrift store, and prepping meals.

Rose and I had a couple of hours in the afternoons before getting Pearl from school. We did things like eating lunch, playing at the park, riding bikes, baking scones, and watching the big kids at school have a mini Sports Day on Friday afternoon.

Rose is getting really good on her pedal bike!

In other excitement, one evening Peter and I were chatting in our kitchen, shortly after the girls went to bed, when we glanced out the window to see a black bear walk across our driveway. We could hear some neighbourhood kids still outside so Peter grabbed the bear spray and went out to make sure they went indoors. The bear ambled into the neighbours’ front yard and then came back through the bushes into our driveway. (Peter hopped over into the yard of our neighbour on the other side rather than try to sneak past the bear.) The bear came into our carport, sniffed our (empty) garbage and compost bins, and came right to the bottom of our front steps. I took a video from the kitchen window and realized this was the closest I’d ever come to a bear.

Bear in our driveway

He looked like a youngish adult and was pretty roly-poly. Unfortunately he didn’t seem phased by the proximity of people so we may see him again.

13 thoughts on “2022 Highlights: Week 37”

  1. A bear! I hope he decides he’s too nervous to be around people and doesn’t come back, but he’s pretty cute from a distance. No bears in the UK, but I did see one from a train window when I was in Peru. At least, I think I did – it was kind of blurry and far away, but our guide and the people from Washington State all thought it was a spectacled bear, so I defer to their superior knowledge.

    1. I hope he’s too nervous to come back too because unfortunately once a bear decides it’s ok to hang around people, it almost always ends in the bear’s death. It was really interesting to watch him because I was pretty close but get safe behind my window!

    1. It’s basically like pepper spray. We have it for hiking and camping and if a bear or cougar got aggressive you can spray it at them to scare them off. We’ve never had to use it thankfully.

    2. Not in our yard, thankfully! But they are around and my husband had a close encounter while camping with the kids last summer so we are extra cautious now.

    1. Haha! You means because of the hopping into the neighbours’ yard? There’s no fence along their driveway, just some bushes between our properties so it wasn’t like a vault or anything.

    1. Are the foxes aggressive? Pearl would love to see a fox in real life but we don’t have them here. They always seem so playful in videos.

    2. Not really to humans, although I’d be concerned if a little kid got too close – I think they’d bite if they felt threatened. But they are known to kill domestic cats if they’re starving, so I’ve become wary about letting mine stay out at night, even though there’s plenty of wildlife around here so I don’t think the foxes go hungry. They are lovely to look at though!

    3. I think it’s always a good idea to keep kids and pets away from wild animals. Foxes sound a bit like raccoons, which we have plenty of around here!

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