A Rainy Tuesday Bachelorette Update

It’s a grey and rainy day so let’s begin with this picture of the rhododendron bush in my parents’ backyard.

Don’t you feel better now?

I spent a lovely weekend in Vancouver, getting to see some friends I’ve missed. I love that city. I get so excited from the moment I hit the outskirts. There’s so much happening, so many beautiful little corners and moments.

Like hanging out with these two and eating yummy bread.

Sunday afternoon, Granville Island

Fortunately, we have the Bachelorette to look forward to. Since the first week, a few of my picks have been sent home. Arie, Ryan, and Doug have all had first dates with Emily and are still around; Nate was sent home on a 2-on-1 date. Emily said she didn’t see them together and that he was perhaps too young but I think it’s because he doesn’t know how to pronounce “quinoa”. So now I have to amend my final 4 picks. Let’s see…

Arie – Right now, I would guess that Arie will be the last man standing. Or, rather, the last man getting down on one knee. Emily told him that when she’s alone, he’s the one she thinks about. Their attraction seems very mutual. Plus, his impersonation of Doug as the Hulk made me laugh.

Jef – Is Jef the first hipster to feature on the Bachelor franchise? Can you be a hipster and be on the Bachelorette? Why did he think khaki shorts and blue knee socks were an appropriate cocktail party outfit? And yet, I like Jef. He seems like a normal person with a normal crush on Emily. And she has a crush on him too. In other circumstances they would probably do okay. I don’t see them working out in the Bachelor world but I think Emily likes him enough to keep him around for a while longer.

Emily likes sparkly dresses.

Doug – The single dad who, when asked what his faults were, said he spends too much time with his son. Good job interview answer, Doug! But really, what do you say? It’s a first date – in the real world you have enough time (hopefully) between meeting and marrying to discover the other person’s faults naturally. Like that Emily runs errands in her pajamas. Although, this episode, we actually got to see that one of Doug’s faults is that he can’t take a joke when he’s stressed. I did think he handled Chris’ antagonism decently well. Not great, but at least he didn’t retaliate.

Sean – This guy kind of came out of nowhere on episode 3 when Emily’s friends fell in love with them. Since then he seems to be rising steadily in Emily’s eyes. I think he’ll probably have a date soon and he’ll continue to do well. Do you think they’d have the blondest babies in the history of the world?

As for the rest of the doomed bachelors…

Alejandro – We haven’t seen much of the Colombian mushroom farmer yet but what we have shows us that he’s a young, decent guy with perhaps a bit of an edge, a wild side. I don’t see any sparks flying though and he and Emily seem too different.

Chris – Emily keeps telling Chris he’s so attractive and I really don’t see it. There’s nothing wrong with Chris but there’s nothing that makes me think he’ll last to the end. He’s too confrontational.

John (aka “Wolf”) – She kept him around on the 2-on-1 date but I think it’s only because Nate seemed really, really young. I predict John won’t last much longer.

Kalon – Full of himself. My guess is that the producers are the ones keeping this guy around. We keep seeing previews of Emily telling someone to get out and I really hope it’s either Kalon or Ryan.

Ryan – He started out decently. He had a cute moment with her in the first episode, he got the first date, and then he just went nuts. Or, perhaps more likely, he could only hold in his true cocky nature so long. This guy is pretty in love with himself and was last seen speculating how great it would be if he were the Bachelor, how he would open himself up and everyone would be so blessed to see that. He’s told Emily she can’t get fat, that she’s a trophy wife, and that if you “ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying”. I really hope that last one referred to the sailing contest, not his philosophy toward relationships. Emily told Chris Harrison that she sees how Ryan tries to manipulate her, but then she kept him around for another week. Please, please send him home soon!

And one more Vancouver picture:

2 thoughts on “A Rainy Tuesday Bachelorette Update”

  1. I’ve finally caught up on the episodes. Can you believe that the guy with the long hair made it through 4 episodes? I think the exit interview was the first time I have heard him speak. I agree with your updated top 4 and I’m curious to see who is behind all the drama in the next episode. Hope you’re having a good weekend!

    1. I think there has to have been some conversations between him and Emily that we just didn’t see but, yeah, they pretty much edited him out of the show! I was surprised to see him and Charlie go before Kalon and Ryan who seem completely unlikeable. Is it bad that I’m looking forward to the drama in the next episode?

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