Welcome to September

If August means apples then the beginning of September means blackberries.

This time last year Peter and I were still in Victoria. We decided to pick blackberries and headed to the park nearest our home. We did not find a single blackberry. Though delicious, blackberries are an invasive species to BC and so a lot of the parks in Victoria work hard to keep them out. Of course there were always blackberries in Beacon Hill but I’ve seen dogs pee on them so…

Throughout the winter in Chilliwack, I would make mental notes of places I saw blackberry bushes and plan to return come the end of summer. It got me through some cold, snowy days.

Earlier this week Peter and I spotted a plethora of ripe blackberries down the beach from us. I ate a lot of them and went back today to pick more. I really should have brought a ladder since many of them were out of my reach but I did what I could.

Oh yeah, I braved danger to pick those berries! I probably ate too many earlier this week though since my haul wasn’t quite what I hoped. I have my eye on another spot nearby though so perhaps in the next few days.

Because our good news is that our plans for the coming year are finally settled. We are definitely staying in Sechelt!

I haven’t talked much about it on the blog but Peter and I have spent the summer in an odd (but lovely) state of flux, hoping and praying that we stay on the Sunshine Coast but waiting to see how things worked out. We were hopeful that things would work out for us to stay but also wanted to be open to the fact that God might have different plans for us. And that would have been okay. In fact, that would have been great because God’s plans are good. Of course, it’s easier to say that on this side of the summer, when things have worked out just as I hoped. But honestly, I’m thankful for our summer, just as it was. I don’t love living in a state of not knowing; I like having plans. But God has been teaching me to trust in Him, that no matter where we live, He will provide. Even if His provision doesn’t look like what I think I need.

Sechelt First Nation totem poles.

Not that this is a lesson I’ve finished learning. I think it’s likely I’ll keep struggling with this one for, oh, the next 80 years or so. Maybe when I’m 106 I’ll have it down.

In the meantime, I get to keep enjoying this for a while longer.

Seriously, that’s today. Summer is not over yet.

And here’s a few more from the last week.

Also sunflowers! September needs to mean sunflowers too!


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