Thanksgiving Weekend

For me, Thanksgiving always marks the end of summer. It’s the last cottage weekend. It’s the last long weekend before school starts to get extra crazy. It’s the weekend when you pull out scarves and boots and sweaters and start eating as though you’re planning to hibernate.

Except it feels decidedly non-autumnal around here. Peter and I went for a walk on the beach this afternoon and before we even headed back I had pulled off my scarf and was regretting my jeans. I changed into a skirt and tank top before we enjoyed a couple of gin and tonics on the beach.

You know what? If summer wants to hang out a little longer, I can handle that.

Usually we’ve had a few solid days of rain already by this point in the year but as of today I’m using my rain boots as a door stop in the basement and not for much else.

Here’s a few pictures from today:

A little evidence of fall…

A random surprise on the beach:

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians/early harvesters!

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