Fashion Blogger Fail

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I went shopping last weekend. It was the first time I’ve done a lot of shopping in a while and I wanted to share some of it with you.

So I took this picture:


But man, that’s boring. That’s just some clothes on a bed. And that t-shirt is totally blending into my duvet cover. Let’s face it, the blogs I like that talk about clothes show people wearing clothes.

So I started taking pictures. Of myself. Wearing clothes. This is some kind of exercise in narcissism, right here. Let me share it with you.

(Full disclosure: I did not edit or crop these photos in anyway, though I was sorely tempted to.)

Here’s what I wore today.

It’s weird to take pictures of yourself in the mirror.


Maybe I should sit down?


No, that’s kind of awkward. And, yes, I do have a sink in my bedroom. No, I did not choose for it to be there.

Hmmm, but this shirt has a neat lace back and you can’t see it in this picture. I’ll take a picture of the back too.


Oops, that’s mostly the bed. Let’s try again.

Let’s try a half dozen more times. Turns out it’s pretty difficult to take a photo of your own back.


Huh, you can see clothes lying on my bed. But I’ve already made my bed to take these photos – good enough. Let’s move on.


New neon top with a skirt I found at a thrift shop in the summer. I’m excited about this top because it’s such a fun, bright colour and button-up blouses don’t usually fit well on me.

That outfit was relatively painless. This is getting easier. My favourite find from the weekend:


Oh, look, I’ve moved into my living room where you can see a) I haven’t done the dishes from breakfast yet and b) I have no idea what expression I should have on my face.

Let’s just take my face out of the equation for a minute.


Geez, my knees look weird.

I bought this BCBG dress at The Bay for $35. Stoked. I love The Bay and there isn’t one on the coast. I also may or may not have a serious dress problem. I own more dresses than any other item of clothing.

I did not buy these boots over the weekend but I ordered them on-line a couple of weeks ago and they arrived in the mail on Thursday. I saw them in a store in Vancouver for double what I paid and that made me pretty happy! I’ve been looking for new boots for a while now and there’s a pair of Frye boots I love but I just cannot rationalize paying $400 for boots. These were a happy compromise. (They were significantly less than $400.)

Once I put my boots on, I wanted to try them on with other things.


I’m kind of losing the thread of this post because I did not buy this dress last weekend. I bought it at a thrift store last month. (I added the belt. Also thrifted.) I’m pretty sure this dress was homemade, which is pretty cool. Did you notice that I let my hair down to make it look like I wasn’t trying on multiple outfits on the same day?


There’s the bedroom sink again!

The pants are the ones from this post. The cardigan is new. It looks like an ordinary navy blue cardigan (it’s very soft) but it has a cool back. Let’s try taking a picture of my own back again!


That’s the back of my head. Getting closer.


Good enough.

Fashion blogging is hard, you guys! Especially because I know my husband would laugh at me if I asked him to take pictures of me while I tried on different outfits. Though I’m pretty sure he’ll laugh at me for these pictures too.

And if you’re wondering why I didn’t use the timer on my camera, I did. That’s how I ended up with this picture.


That’s embarrassing. I look like I’m posing in a portrait studio. Also, probably should have put away my clothes drying on the rack first.

Those are my new yellow pants though. They’re super soft and comfy. They are actually cords, which I haven’t worn since grade 6 and I kind of missed. Fashion question: is it okay to wear yellow pants before Victoria Day? Is this a “Don’t wear white after Labour Day” type of thing? Is that even still a rule?

In conclusion…

1. I went shopping last weekend. It was fun.

2. I am not a fashion blogger.

3. Fashion bloggers must have understanding spouses/friends/neighbours/better understanding of cameras.

4. Fashion bloggers have tidier houses than me.

12 thoughts on “Fashion Blogger Fail”

  1. I enjoy your sense of style. 🙂

    Also, I should find a thrift store around here where I can find clothes. Western BC is way cooler when it comes to used stuff.

    1. Thanks! Honestly, it’s hit and miss when it comes to thrift stores. Some days I find cool things, some days it’s all old lady, elastic-waisted pants and hideous sweaters. When you find something good though, it’s that much more rewarding! I’m guessing they don’t have MCC in Edmonton? I have a pretty good track record with hospital thrift stores.

    2. We do actually have an MCC but it is TINY! I’ve clothes for Calvin but not for myself.

    3. That’s too bad. Thrift stores seem like goldmines for baby clothes. I’m afraid if I even looked in that section I’d start buying baby clothes “just in case”.

  2. This made my afternoon… just what I needed while I was sitting at my desk at work looking at my to-do list. I love that red spotted dress. You are my favorite fashion blogger to date.

  3. This was the best post to read on my way home from work. Good job with all those shopping finds! Very entertaining writing to go along with the photos. On the style blogs I read, it seems the #1 question they all get is how to take photos of themselves or who takes their photos.

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