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Today marks three years since our wedding day.

Let’s be real – three years is not that many to be married. It’s long enough that 99% of the time I think of myself by my married name now (Although, apparently, not quite long enough that I’ve changed all my documentation over to it. Oops.) But, we hope, it is a tiny dent in the years we have together. We think it’s longer because we’re young and because we live in this society where marriage is often considered a strange thing. Where, when I tell people how long I’ve been married, they sometimes blink and ask, “How old are you?” As if I were some kind of child bride and maybe they should call social services.

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Often I’ll say I love being married but the truth is, I love being married to Peter. We are good together in so many ways. I don’t believe in soulmates. I don’t believe that God created either myself or Peter to be together. I believe that we were each, individually, created to worship God. I also believe that we have been able to do this better together than apart. Being Peter’s wife is a blessing to me every day – even when we’re lost in the streets of Paris and I’m attempting to bite my tongue from telling him it’s his fault. In my experience, marriage is the ultimate lesson in love, in humility, in learning to forgive. It’s also the ultimate in laughter, in long conversations over bottles of wine, in support, and in cuddles.

I have a lot to learn yet. I’m thankful to be in this with a man who is patient with me and who acknowledges where he has room to grow too.

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This has been a fun year of marriage. Lots more to come, I know.

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