Christmas Time is Here

I love Christmas. I love the decorations, the prep, the food (definitely love the food), and (some of) the music.

I love Christmas so much I want to celebrate it for 24 days. And no longer.

Yes, I am a December 1ster. To me, the Christmas season starts December 1st. You won’t hear a Christmas song or see a Christmas decoration in my home before that day. December 1st though? Feel free to go nuts with Christmas.

Our front door
Our front door

Sunday, being the first day of the Christmas month, I excitedly pulled out our Christmas box. This year I’m extra excited to decorate because it marks the first time in ten years that I haven’t travelled at Christmas time. We’re not going anywhere. We’re spending Christmas with our family here on the Coast and then our family from across the sea is coming to visit. We’re not going anywhere and I’m excited.

Our nativity scene
Our nativity scene

While we’ll wait a week or so to get our tree, December 1st a few decorations went up around our place. We hung our stockings with care above the fireplace.


We took advantage of a sunny Sunday and did a little off-roading so I could cut cedar boughs.


Right before I took this picture, there was a pheasant on this road. A pheasant! How much more Christmas-y can you get?


It may not look like a winter wonderland but it’s a wonderland of some kind.


Those cedar boughs went to decorating our front door and to wreath-making.


Want to know how to make a wreath out of an old hanger and dental floss? I’m your girl. (The most expensive part of that wreath was the 50 cents I spent on ornaments at the thrift store and you can probably tell. But handmaking stuff at Christmas is part of the fun.)

Oh, and of course December 1st means Advent Calendars. I can’t remember a year when I haven’t had some sort of advent calendar and I don’t intend to start now. This year we have two. Mine has chocolate and Peter has…


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