The Great Christmas Tree Hunt 2013

As a kid, I generally believed that everyone celebrated Christmas the way my family did. Obviously, this was not exactly true and became evident the older I got and the more Christmases I spent with people who I wasn’t related to. Part of the fun of getting married is learning to combine the separate and similar traditions Peter and I grew up in.

One of my favourite traditions from Peter’s family is going out to cut down a tree. This year, Peter and I got to cut down a tree for our own little home. In our four married Christmases, this is only the second Christmas tree we’ve had so I was pretty excited.

Where we live, you’re allowed to cut down one tree under 5 metres, located on Crown land, for your personal use. We printed off our free permit and off we went up the hill near our house. With just two of us, it didn’t take long to agree on a Christmas tree and Peter got to work with the saw.


We loaded it up in the back of our truck.


If you’re the type of person who loves full and plush Christmas trees, finding a wild Christmas tree is not for you. These are real trees and they are far from “perfect”. But we’re pretty fond of ours.


A few lights, a smattering of decorations that we’ve collected over the years, Christmas carols playing, and it’s definitely looking a lot like Christmas around here.


Peter finished Christmas cards while I started wrapping presents and, all in all, it was a pretty great afternoon.


(I bought glitter wrapping paper because it looks pretty but there was so.much.glitter. I think it’s still in my hair three days later and there’s definitely still a pile of it on our floor.)


Unrelated item:

If you glanced out your sliding glass door and saw this:


…you’d think, at least for a second, that it was a coyote, right? Right?

2 thoughts on “The Great Christmas Tree Hunt 2013”

  1. I have that cut-out manger scene ornament too! No idea where it came from.

    Your tree is the best. We have yet to have a real one since we are never around to enjoy it through the holidays. Instead, we use my three foot one I got when i moved out of my parents house and make it look bigger by putting it on a table. One day we will have a real one!

    That is a rather larger coyote. 🙂

    1. Thanks! There’s something so great about a real tree. I’m so much more Christmas-motivated this year since we aren’t travelling at all. Usually we just enjoy other peoples’ trees too!

      I think we got that ornament as a door prize at a fundraiser in Abbotsford 2 years ago.

      And yeah, clearly not a coyote but at least I didn’t completely panic and think wolf!

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