Day 8 – 30 Day Dress Challenge


The Dress: Joe Fresh purchased at Superstore in Langford. Given that, this dress is surprisingly good quality. It’s a nice, thick material with a simple cut. And it’s another one that has pockets! (Maybe pockets in dresses aren’t that rare or maybe I simply have a penchant for them.) My sandals are from Aldo.



That’s the same dress with a belt and a blazer and fancy shoes at a friend’s fall wedding a year and a half ago.

Today our church had a special outdoor service followed by a potluck lunch and a shave-off! As a fundraiser, several of the men offered up their facial hair to be shaved off for varying amounts of money. Hence why Peter has recently been sporting a wildman beard.

I love him no matter what…but I’m glad to have his face back.



He tried to convince me that this was a good look. I reminded him that he has to go to work tomorrow. He’s clean-shaven now.

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