Day 10 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014


Rainy day means trying some inside poses. Also, my husband made that bookshelf.

The Dress: Originally from The Gap, I bought this dress at a secondhand shop in Cumberland. It’s a loose fit and comfortable dress. I liked it a lot when I bought it but I’ve noticed that more recently I haven’t been very excited to wear it. Might be time to let it find a new home.

I should really remember to wear shoes when I take these pictures.


Hey, I’ll pretend I’m reading a book!


Well, let’s go all out ridiculous with this then. Because I am totally reading that book currently and of course I smoke a pipe.

In other news…


We had dinner last night with some friends and after eating, saw this guy stroll through their backyard. My third bear sighting on the Coast! (The second sighting was actually just this past Saturday.)


Breakfast this morning – homemade lemon scones and raspberry jam from the Farmer’s Market. Yeah, I’m bragging.

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