Day 15 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014


Halfway through the 30 days! Just a few days from summer and it poured rain today. So much rain this morning, in fact, that it woke me up. I’m a deep sleeper and I grew up in Vancouver so that should tell you how heavy the rain was!

The Dress: This dress was the result of a fall/winter search for a long-sleeved dress. When I couldn’t find anything locally, I ordered a dress from Old Navy. It turned out to be strangely loose and woefully short and it got sent back. I found a short-sleeved, collard dress at the thrift store here (you might still see it) and it kind of worked but I didn’t love it. Then I came across this dress at H&M in the city. It’s served me well. I added the belt from another dress but it looks fine without too.


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