Day 20 – 30 Day Dress Challenge 2014


The Dress: This dress reminds me of a painting. I think that’s my favourite thing about it. Also that it’s silk and Calvin Klein but I bought it at a thrift store so I did not pay silk or Calvin Klein prices. This one was found in Victoria when we were there on Spring Break this year. (Yes, I came home from four days away with two dresses. I told you I have a dress problem.)

My cardigan was purchased in Rome at an odd little store where they wouldn’t let me try things on but just told me what would fit me. In retrospect, I’m not sure why I let that happen but I do like the sweater. It’s very soft. I’m wearing my rose glass earrings again. My bracelet is this one, bought on Etsy. My necklace was a birthday gift but I know it was bought locally. My boots are the same ones as always. (I do not have a shoe problem, clearly.)

Happy Weekend!


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