0029-August 21, 2010-14_07_38

Today marks four years since the bright, sunny day on which Peter and I got married.

0241-August 21, 2010-14_43_35

While four years is not a monumental anniversary, it is one that deserves to be celebrated. Because I think our marriage deserves to be celebrated. It has been four good years. Four years of getting to know each other better. Four years of laughter, adventure, frustration, tears (happy and sad ones). Four years of shared life. Shared bed. Shared food. He is my partner in every sense of the word and I’m thankful every single day (even the frustrating and maddening ones!) that I get to share this life with him.

0289-August 21, 2010-14_47_48

He’s my favourite.

This year has held some lovely highs and some deep lows. There were valleys that I don’t know I could have walked through without Peter. Sometimes it is in those dark times that you realize how strong a relationship is and you come out better, together, on the other side.

Now greater adventures await us.




We still haven’t quite mastered our selfies.

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