Some mornings.


Last Friday, Bella the Dog went home to be with her real family. While we won’t miss her slightly fishy smell and her nose in our faces at 6:15am, we had a great time with her. (I do miss the ten homemade apple-and-blackberry scones she ate.)




I’ll also miss how crazy she looks when she runs.

Most of our mornings with Bella looked like this:





After a brief morning outing, Bella would climb into bed with Peter and I and fall back asleep while we drank our morning coffee/tea. Sure, she tracked sand into our bed but she also didn’t skimp on the cuddles.

This picture wasn’t taken during a roll or anything. This is the position in which she chose to relax one morning:




And here she is, snuggled in bed still as I get ready for my day.


Fortunately, we still have visitation rights.

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