Bring on November


We re-arranged our living room recently. Peter accuses me of nesting but I’m sticking firm to my claim that it was his idea. Doesn’t really matter though – either way we get to watch the view while we eat breakfast.

And now we have this sweet little reading corner. The perfect place for an evening of hot chocolate and a good book. Not to mention that we finally found the perfect spot for our new lamp. Peter got it for free from work and we found the lampshade at a Goodwill in Seattle.


Baby and I have reached 23 weeks now. Crazily enough, baby is now considered “viable” though, obviously, we hope it won’t make it’s appearance for another few months. (It feels weird to refer to my unborn child as “it” but we’ve opted not to find out the gender beforehand so that’s what we’re going with for now.) This stage of pregnancy is awesome – baby’s moving so much, which is one of the weirdest and coolest sensations ever.


Also celebrated – baby’s first Halloween. Kind of. This is me as an x-ray of myself. Or something. Expect to see me next year using my outside-the-womb child to get free candy. The “Baby needs Reese’ Pieces” worked pretty well for me this year.

Halloween’s a pretty low key affair around here though. We had trick-or-treaters at work so I got to see the local kids dressed up. We didn’t have anyone at our door this year or last year, despite the fact that we put our light on and left this festively-decorated pumpkin on our stairs:

His name is Steve. I think he’s going to become soup.

Oh well, more candy for us.

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