Clear Skies and Mushrooms


The most Canadian things that have happened to me lately:

Plugging in our car overnight.

The man seated next to me at the medical lab commenting, “It’s busier than a Tim Hortons in here.”


Living on the west coast, we don’t get extreme temperatures (in either the highs or the lows) but it’s been cold recently – crisp, sunny days and the frost so thick on the ground it looks like snow in the mornings. And our car may or may not be a little finicky so we’re plugging it in overnight and seeing if that helps.


On the holiday last week, Pete and I took a walk to Homesite Creek Falls, not far from our place. As you’ll see, mushrooms bloom galore.

I am now 25 weeks pregnant and celebrated today with a very sweet, very cold orange-flavoured drink. Just kidding about the celebrating part but cheers to tests and health. Fortunately, I’ve always liked orange Fanta and I want to know if I happen to have gestational diabetes, so I didn’t mind so much. The hardest part was sitting in a lab for 2 hours where they no longer have magazines “because of Ebola”. Michael Crummey’s Sweetland kept me company.


I lack any sort of mushroom knowledge so I never pick them but they came in so many shapes and sizes and colours, I can’t resist taking photos.




See what I mean? I love living in a rainforest.

It does also mean that our cold and sunny skies will likely vanish this week and the rain will return. But, honestly, I kind of miss it when it’s gone.


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