Christmas Comes to Halfmoon Bay

It’s feeling festive around here.

Last Saturday, this was my view while eating breakfast:


That’s right – the first snow of the season! (Hey, that’s a West Coast winter for you.) It lingered briefly and is now not much more but a distant memory. Maybe we’ll get some more one day.

It was a slightly less frosty but still very festive day this weekend when Peter and I embarked on one of my favourite holiday traditions. The Great Tree Hunt!

This is where we go into the woods near our house and find our Christmas tree, cut it down, find a way to transport it in our car, and bring it home. Martha Stewart perfect fir Christmas tree it’s not, but it’s always fun to tramp through the bushes and find our favourite.


It was successful!


(That stump to Peter’s left is not the stump left behind by our tree. In case you couldn’t tell.)


I also started some Christmas baking this weekend and I was pretty proud of myself for having the foresight to make double batches and hide half in the freezer. Because while many foods don’t appeal to me these days, sugar is not one of them.


Baby’s first picture with Christmas Tree!

Peter: Turn sideways so we can really see the belly.

Hi there, third trimester! It’s kind of nice to look more pregnant around Christmas time. A customer the other day was commenting on the dangers of too much delicious food over the holidays. She glanced at my belly and said, “I feel like there’s something else going on there though, so you can eat whatever you want.”

My boss helpfully chimed in with, “Oh no, she’s just fat.”

But seriously, are you going to tell a pregnant woman she’s had enough shortbread?


And a family shot for good measure!

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