May Day

I call this look “wonderment”.

We did the long weekend up in style this year. The weather co-operated and we participated in what festivities we could with a 12-week-old baby. To be honest, I was more excited about the long weekend before I remembered that Pearl doesn’t understand the concept and probably wouldn’t let me sleep in. However, I may not have given her enough credit because I slept in until eight on Saturday.

Saturday we headed up to Madeira Park. May Day is their big annual celebration (each community along the Coast has one). We wandered the booths, bumped into people to show off our girl to, watched the parade, and witnessed the crowning of the May Day Queen. Every year a girl from the local elementary school is chosen. When I first heard this I thought it was strangely archaic but it was actually pretty sweet. The Queen’s float was full of girls of all ages and having fun together, all dressed up. We’re gunning for May Day Queen 2027.

Pearl did great and slept through the parade – at least until the emergency vehicles sounded their sirens at the end! She and I went home for naps while Peter played in a volleyball tournament.


Sunday was Pearl’s second restaurant experience as we introduced her to visiting friends. She was asleep when we arrived at the restaurant and I’m getting good at eating quickly.

After our busy days, we took Monday easy and enjoyed time just the three of us. The tides are low this time of year so we walked out on the beach in front of our place as far as we could. Then we crossed the creek and got ice cream!


In the evening Peter took Pearl down to the water and dipped her toes in. There was briefly silence, followed quickly by a sharp wail. She may not be ready for ocean swimming quite yet. Maybe in June.

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