Pearl Lately

Peter and Pearl on a family hike last weekend.
Peter and Pearl on a family hike last weekend.

Nearly eight months old. Still no teeth. Never stops moving. Wispy hair that just reaches her ear on one side. Tall enough that she’s now wearing some 12 month sized clothes.

Loves her dad. I mean seriously, loves that guy. She loves me and we spend our days together very happily but if he is around, that’s who she wants. From the time he walks in the door in the evenings, he has about twenty seconds to pick her up before she starts to get upset. Of course, now that she’s on the move, she is frantically trying to reach him as soon as she hears his voice.

Speaking of moving…there’s a lot of it. If I leave the room, there’s a little girl crawling after me. She pulls herself up to stand like a pro and will even take a couple of steps to the side while holding on to something. (So much earlier than we expected! We are not ready for this!) It might sound weird but she’s also getting good at falling. Much of the time she can kind of roll with the fall so she doesn’t bonk her head. And she can get back down from standing position by sticking out her bum and dropping down. Life skills.

Has a soother addiction. Seriously. Pearl was giving a soother in the hospital when she was in the NICU and had it a lot in the first month or so of life and then just sort of gave it up. I tried to give it to her a few times when sleeping was difficult but she never took it. Then, a couple of weeks ago, she found one in a box of toys, popped it in her mouth and hasn’t looked back. I like it because if she has a soother in her mouth, it means she can’t put things she finds on the floor in her mouth.

Refuses to nap for longer than thirty minutes at a time. I don’t know what happened but we’ve regressed. We’re working on it…Fortunately, the balance is that she is sleeping for longer stretches at night and that makes me happy.

All my reading to Pearl has finally paid off and she’s making great literature choices, as you can see here:


That’s Pearl choosing her next book, just a light read from Nobel-prize winning author Jose Saramago. No big deal.

In other news, Pearl has discovered the book shelves in our living room.

(Check back tomorrow for a review of Pearl’s current favourite book. No, it’s not Blindness.)

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