3 Day Quote Challenge: Day #3

Check out Day #1 and Day #2, as well as Judith‘s original challenge to find out what this is all about.


My third and final quote comes from C.S. Lewis. I could probably share C.S. Lewis quotes all day long but since I’m sticking to things I’ve read this year, I’m sharing a quote from Letters to Malcolm.

The great work of art was made for the sake of all it does and is, down to the curve of every wave and the flight of every insect.

This quote comes at the end of a chapter – or rather a letter – about providence, destiny, and God’s creative acts. (Lewis is actually making an argument against a quotation by Pope.) A little bit before what I’ve quoted above, Lewis says,

One of the purposes for which God instituted prayer may have been to bear witness that the course of events is not governed like a state but created like a work of art to which every being makes its contribution and (in prayer) a conscious contribution, and in which every being is both an end and a means.


God as Artist is one of my favourite views of God. I see this in the world around me – its beauty and complexity. I believe that the world shows us a Creator who not only loves beauty but delights in His creation, down to the very smallest of details. Lewis captures this beauty and joy in that wonderful phrase “the curve of every wave and the flight of every insect.”


What are your favourite quotes? Something you’ve read recently or loved for years? Share it on your own blog or in the comments!

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