30 Day Dress Challenge 2016 – Day 1

It’s back! It’s June and I’m going to wear dresses!

Way back when, in 2013, I decided to spend a month wearing all the dresses in my closet. I had/have a lot of dresses. You can read the original post here. I had fun wearing my favourite article of clothing and clearing out my closet a bit and so I did it again the next year in 2014.

In 2015, I was three months post-partum and the thought of wearing clothes (that mostly didn’t fit) and then taking pictures of me wearing said clothes and then putting those pictures on the internet was too horrifying to consider. So no 30 Day Dress challenge that year.

But 2016 – watch out! I haven’t had a baby in over a year, it’s sunny out, and I’m going to wear dresses.

Okay, so here’s how I look the vast majority of the time since Pearl was born:


Jeans and a t-shirt. Shorts if it’s warm. Some sort of cardigan if I then feel cold. And if I’m at home, I’m probably bare foot. Come to think of it, this is basically what I wore all through high school and much of university.

(Currently, I work two days a week and on those days I do get more dressed up, although my work place is pretty casual.)

So this year will be a little different. There are only 19 dresses in my closet (I’ve done some culling) but I’m looking forward to seeing what I can work into my day-to-day life of being at home with a fifteen-month-old.

Day 1:


(I did not notice until after I took these pictures that you can tell from my knees that I was rummaging around in our crawlspace.)

This Billabong dress is one of my favourites. (See how I’ve worn it before. Also, admire how tan I was in Rome!) Around the house, I would have no problem wearing it without leggings but if I’m out with Pearl, leggings are probably necessary since I’m often bending down or sitting on the ground. Plus, it’s rather grey around here today.


Minimal jewellery because I live with someone whose tiny hands will grab and pull and Chuck Taylors because they’re comfortable.

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