30 Day Dress Challenge 2016 – Day 10


This morning was rainy and grey and Pearl and I had nowhere we had to be. I would happily have stayed in my pyjamas until noon.

This is a BCBG dress that I bought at a local consignment shop in Sechelt. I’ve always worn it as a dressy item (see it here) but dressed it down today with jeans and a cardigan. It worked better than I thought but I still felt kind of over-done for a day at home with a toddler.

My jeans are Jessica Simpson, purchased at Winners. (I tore the knees falling during  a game of Capture the Flag.) My boots are Steve Madden and worn solely for the sake of this photograph.

This outfit didn’t make sense for the day I actually had but I think I would wear it again in a more appropriate setting. A date night or dinner with friends, perhaps.

Since my actual day included a morning spent in the forest/vacant lot down the street, I came home with wet pants, muddy gumboots, a damp but happy toddler and changed into something more comfortable.


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