30 Day Dress Challenge 2016 – Day 12


I purchased this tunic style dress in the fall from Old Navy* as an easy item to wear around home or to work. I love the pattern and I often get compliments on it. Today I added a belt (thrifted) to wear this outfit to church. My cardigan was bought in Rome.

*(90% of the reason I shop from Old Navy is because they have free shipping and free returns. There aren’t a lot of places in our small town to buy clothes for Pearl so every now and then I trawl through the sale section of a few on-line shops and sometimes find something for myself too.)


This morning we had our church’s annual outdoor service (well, in an outdoor pavilion in the middle of town). It continue to be grey and chilly so I actually wore this plus a jacket over top plus a scarf.

After church (and Pearl’s nap) we went for a short hike in the trails near our house (Pearl fell in a puddle), followed by a trip to Canadian Tire. We got a bunch of things we needed (and some we didn’t) and generally escaped unscathed. Canadian Tire is such a strange hodgepodge of items and every single one I’ve ever been to seems to be understaffed and have the item I want way up high.

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