Reading with Pearl: Puppies Are Special Friends

Last summer, shortly after we bought our house, my parents also moved. Since we were moving into a larger place and they were down-sizing, they brought me a few boxes from my childhood, mostly books. Being in the middle of moving and having a newborn, those boxes went into our crawl space where I mostly forgot about them.

A couple of weeks ago I finally pulled out the boxes and sorted the books. Some that Pearl can enjoy now, some to store away for when she’s older, and some to simply get rid of.

This book initially went into my Give Away pile but Pearl rescued it and fell in love.

Puppies are Special Friends - Joanne Ryder, illustrated by James Spence (A Golden Book, 1988)
Puppies are Special Friends – Joanne Ryder, illustrated by James Spence (A Golden Book, 1988)

She loves dogs. Loves dogs. Real dogs, pictures of dogs, the small wooden toy dog she has that she cuddles right up against her face.

I remember this book from my childhood but I could not tell you where it came from. It actually has my brother’s name written in the front page which makes me think it dates back to the time when he and I were begging our parents to get us a dog. (The very early 1990s.)

The book is mostly facts about puppies. Example: “Puppies change as they grow. When they grow up, they will look more like their parents.” Real mind-blowing facts. There is also some practical advice. “Puppies need fresh food and water to stay healthy.” In case you didn’t know.

Another fun fact: “Puppies and people can learn to be friends.”


Um, I know that. You told me in the title that puppies are special friends.

There’s certainly nothing wrong or incorrect about any of this it just doesn’t make for a particularly scintillating read. Which makes sense, because Pearl can’t read. She coos with great delight over the pictures.

Like this fantastically 80s-style youngster and his poodle:


Actually, Pearl may have a thing or two to learn about dogs.


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