30 Day Dress Challenge – Day 15


(See the dress in 2013 here and in 2014 here.)

Last night we had a crazy thunder storm (a rarity for our part of the world though something that’s happened a few times recently) and it poured rain all morning. Pearl and Bella and I went for a rain walk in the morning, splashing in puddles and getting thoroughly soaked and lasted a little while at the park until Pearl got too cold. Pearl had a three hour (three hours!) nap while Bella and I did some solid couch spooning/reading. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t wearing a dress for any of this. I definitely changed clothes as soon as we got back from the park.

But in the afternoon Pearl and Bella and I headed to Gibsons to meet Peter for a barbecue and so I changed out of sweats and a t-shirt to this dress. Fortunately the sun had come out by this time.


This is the Pink Martini dress I wore the night Peter asked me to marry him. (I said yes.) My K necklace is Pyrrha and my shoes are from Winners. Since we were outdoors, I threw on a cardigan, from Joe Fresh.


(And, um, no you didn’t miss Day 14. The weather’s been lousy, I had a headache, I was home with Pearl and I, um, well, I skipped it.)

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