What March Looked Like


Does this picture sum up how Pearl feels about her baby sister?

Actually, Pearl is a great big sister and is often (not always) eager to help. She likes to get me diapers and blankets and choose clothes for Rose. She likes to bring Rose toys when Rose fusses and will gleefully tell me when she is being gentle with her little sister. Rose has some of her biggest smiles when she sees her big sister. Other times (sometimes in the same day or hour) are not so sweet and there have been whacks and scratches but I truly love watching these two interact.



Lots of outdoor time. Lots of time in the “forest” at the end of our street. Lots of bike riding. The beginning of days on the beach. Exploring, climbing, rain or sun.


The beginning of days in the backyard. Blanket spread in the grass for Rose (just as I did for Pearl at this age) while Pearl runs around. I bought that plant guide in an effort to answer Pearl’s endless questions about what is that and why is it there as we explore our world together.


Wild St. Patrick’s Day.


Painting and crafting and drawing. Always a hit as we wait out these rainy spring days.


And a trip to Whistler at the beginning of spring break. Just a few days away but it was great to get out of town and have some fun together. We went sledding, had an afternoon at the pool and visited some family.


Check out my post about our last visit to Whistler in 2016 to see pictures of baby Pearl in front of this same mirror! (We also went in 2013.)


This is Pearl “reading” to Rose. She can completely recite “Big Dog, Little Dog” now and is pretty proud of herself. Rose is impressed.

9 thoughts on “What March Looked Like”

  1. Your daughters are adorable!!! I love it when little kids “read” This weekend I gave a little girl a mini package of gummy bears (with her mom’s permission) and she proudly showed off her “reading” skills by telling us the flavors listed on the back. Turns out there were pictures of the flavors and she had no idea how to read. It was so cute and really funny!

    1. I wish I could knit but I don’t. A relative made it for Pearl but it never fit at the right time of year but it’s getting some good use this time around!

    2. I can typically tell what’s been handmade because the clothes tend to have a more definite shape and aren’t boxy, like store clothes. So cute!

    3. I always keep an eye out for handmade knit things in thrift stores and have collected a few for the girls that way. There is a difference from store-made, you’re right!

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