Canada Day 2018


This weekend we celebrated Canada Day! It’s a big event in our little town and we always love joining in on the festivities.  Pearl was especially excited about Canada Day since she could remember the parade from last year. On Sunday morning she came happily into our room to wish Peter and I “Happy Canada” and she cheerfully waved her flags as she sat on the curb and watched the parade. It was so fun to sit beside her and hear her commentary and questions.


Rose slept through most of her first Canada Day experience.


Pearl enjoyed the classic cars and helpfully pointed out which ones were convertibles. And asked why our car is not a convertible.

A few of the sights of the parade.


Pearl was very excited that there was a bear in the parade. “That bear wearing pants! And a hat. But no shirt. Why that bear wearing pants and no shirt?” Why indeed?

We finished our Canada Day celebrations with Pearl’s first visit to a bouncy castle and mini doughnuts. It was a good day.

Happy belated Canada Day to all my follow Canadians and happy Monday to the rest of you!

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