Reading with Pearl & Rose: Cars and Trucks


Pearl is currently in a bit of a car phase so when I spotted this Little Golden Book at a library book sale, I picked it up. The book is originally from 1951 but this copy was republished in 1976. It remains delightfully dated but the pictures are by Richard Scarry. No word on who wrote the exciting words.


We begin with a policeman stopping traffic to let some kittens cross the road. Was this ever what police officers did with their time? Am I really supposed to believe that the 70s or 50s were so crime-free that uniformed officers were out there with nothing more to do than help wandering cats?

I also enjoy the contrast between the special care given to the cats and the haphazard way these farm animals are packed into trucks.


Oh look, the mothers are getting food for supper. Obviously this is a job only a woman can do (wearing heels no less). You know what job a woman can’t do? Carrying anything remotely heavy. Good thing a man is there to help her!

I actually think our local grocery store staff would help me take groceries out of the store, if I asked. I’d be embarrassed to ask though.


This page is also pretty dated. What kind of gas station has three people working there at the same time?


Was there really a time when you were allowed to sit inside a car that was being towed? This is even more confusing to me because it’s a taxi. Why wouldn’t you get out of the taxi and catch another one? Are they still paying for this ride?

Also, what’s with the military vehicle? Is this some sort of Cold War prep?


This is more my style of gender representation: Dad takes care of the baby while Mom reads a book.


Here’s another military vehicle. One that looks way too small for those two officers. And check out that sweet wood-panelled car!


It seems weird to finish the book on a scene of a family being pulled over by a cop. But there is a dog sticking out of their sunroof and there’s no way that baby is in a car seat so at least this police officer is doing his job. Their picnic is going to be a lot less fun when mom and dad start arguing about whose job it was to strap down that inflatable animal! Goodbye!

1 thought on “Reading with Pearl & Rose: Cars and Trucks”

  1. Haha – great post! Gave me a much-needed laugh! Don’t knock men carrying heavy things though – I think it was a huge mistake on the part of women to ever let them know we could do stuff for ourselves… 😉

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