A Weekend in Vancouver

Peter and the girls and I had a pretty awesome weekend in the big city recently.

Our excuse for a small splurge and some time away on a dreary November weekend was my birthday, but I kind of think we should always plan a weekend of fun away from home at this time of year because it was so, so refreshing and just what we all needed.

Vancouver Art Gallery and the Hotel Vancouver

We did not stay at the Hotel Vancouver but we did find a good deal on a hotel right downtown. As the parents of young children we have slightly different criteria for hotels than we used to. This hotel had 1) a pool 2) a kitchenette 3) a bedroom with a door you could shut that was separate from the main area. It was perfect.

Rose loved the view.

Pearl remembers our spring break stay in Whistler fondly and was very excited to stay in a hotel again. Whether or not the hotel had an elevator (yes) or provided bath toys (no) were big questions in the days leading up to our trip.

Here is Pearl enjoying a waffle bigger than her head.

We decided to leave our car behind and walk on to the ferry (much cheaper!) and use public transit in Vancouver. This ended up working out really well and I was pretty proud of us for bringing everything four people needed for two days and nights. The KidCo Peapod that we bought for camping this summer came in handy as an easy-to-carry bed for Rose and she even had her best sleep in it yet! 

Granville Island

Saturday morning Peter gave me time to go shopping on my own. I sipped a coffee and wandered through all the fancy stores I would never take my kids in. It was wonderful. I did a little shopping for myself and the girls and a little bit of Christmas shopping but mostly just enjoyed some time alone and admiring the city of Vancouver.

The Bay’s Christmas decorations made me laugh. That is a moose pictured in that big mural thing. And those Canada geese with wreaths around their necks were everywhere. Which is weird because Canada geese are mean and they poop a lot and I do not think they are festive.

After lunch I took the girls to the Central Library to peruse the kids section and hang out in their play area while it rained and Peter did some of his own shopping. Then we all headed to Granville Island for a trip to the Kids Market and a visit to Lee’s Donuts. (Absolutely necessary if you ever visit Granville Island.)

We took the harbour ferry back downtown and then got pizza for dinner to eat in the hotel.

This is the only picture we got of the four of us but there we all are.

On Sunday we spent some time with family, celebrating my birthday and my nephew’s (our birthdays are two days apart). 

Our Vancouver times are often filled with errands and getting things done and trying to see as many people as possible. Those are all good things but in recent months we have tried to have some city time that is less jam-packed and it’s been so good. Vancouver is a lovely city and I’m thankful for the opportunity to enjoy some of the things (and food) it has to offer. And it makes me even more thankful for our little coastal home, a ferry ride away.

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    1. I think the beard suits him too…but I still like him better without! We agreed that he can try again when he’s 50! Vancouver is a great city for eating well!

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