Best Young Reader Book

Today’s Award Category is for the Best Book I read in 2018 aimed at the Young Reader. Because I don’t read a huge amount of young adult fiction, I’m classifying this as books for readers from 8-16, which, I know is a broad category but these are my literary awards. You can start your own.

Because I do read a huge amount of books intended for readers aged 0-5, I have no category for picture books. Maybe next year.

Honourable Mention:

The War That Saved My Life – Kimberly Brubaker Bradley (Penguin Books, 2015)

Confessions of a Teenage Leper – Ashley Little (Penguin Teen, 2018)

And The Winner:

Journey to the River Sea – Eva Ibbotson (MacMillan Children’s Books, 2014)

I am the aunt who gives books for birthdays and I bought this one for my niece after doing a little research. I read it first and found myself speeding through it. And not just because I’m an adult reading a middle schooler’s book. The writing was lush and descriptive, the characters were interesting and funny and sympathetic and the plot was simple but complex enough to hold my attention. It had some unexpected angles but mostly I loved the descriptions of South America and the Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Best Young Reader Book”

  1. Wondering about getting this for my niece. She’s ten, but has a high reading level. Is the content okay for a ten year old?

    1. Ten would be perfect. I bought it for my eight-year-old niece and it’s probably above her level but I liked it so much. I’d say ages 8-12 would be the range. It’s kind of an old-fashioned book and so the content is pretty innocent. It reminded me a bit of “The Little Princess”, if that helps.

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