What I Read – March 2019


Southern Lady Code – Helen Ellis (Doubleday, 2019)

The Immortalists – Chloe Benjamin (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2018)

Tin Man – Sarah Winman (Viking, 2017)

The Waiting Hours – Shandi Mitchell (Viking, 2019)

Lanny – Max Porter (Strange Light, 2019)

A Room With a View – E.M. Forster (Penguin Books, 1978)

American War – Omar El Akkad (McClelland & Stewart, 2017)

You Will Be Safe Here – Damian Barr (Anansi International, 2017)

How to Give Up Plastic – Will McCallum (Penguin Books, 2019)

Juliet the Maniac – Juliet Escoria (Melville House, 2019)


The German Girl – Armando Lucas Correa

I added this book to my To Read list after reading a positive review of it. I was fascinated by the true life story of the St. Louis, a refugee ship from Germany filled with Jewish families during World War II that was turned back by the U.S.A. and Canada and ended up landing in Cuba. But I didn’t make it very far I was so turned off by the execution. The story is split between Hannah in Germany in 1939 and Anna in New York in a modern day setting (I can’t recall the year). Both girls are supposed to be twelve-years-old and both are utterly unconvincing. I have no idea why the author, who is not a girl or twelve-years-old, chose this voice as a narrator but he doesn’t pull it off. I found them both annoying and the part of the book I read to be filled with way too much explanation and not enough action. Maybe it gets better, I didn’t get very far.


Celebration of Discipline – Richard Foster

The Lesser Bohemians – Eimear McBride

2019 Reading Goals:

Books Read: 33/100

Books Reviewed: 24/50


My numbers for March are slightly lower than January and February. I blame spring break for that – holidays and time with family do not make for reading opportunities in my life right now. I have some reviews to catch up but am pleased to see I’m already halfway to my reviewing goal of 2019. I abandoned my first book of the year and have no regrets. I came close to giving up on You Will Be Safe Here but am ultimately glad I stuck with it. The Lesser Bohemians has also taken some time to find the rhythm so I don’t expect to get through it quickly but I am enjoying it. Highlights of the month were: The Immortalists, The Waiting Hours, Lanny, and American War.

4 thoughts on “What I Read – March 2019”

  1. A good month’s reading from the look of it! And you’re way ahead on your targets – I’m jealous! Clearly I need a couple of kids to help me concentrate… 😉

    1. I made the goal thinking it was wildly optimistic but so far it’s going well. I’ve never made a target number before but I think it’s really helped.

  2. I have abandoned so many books this year, and I’m much happier for it. I don’t know why I ever used to struggle with saying a book is not for me. I’ve even chosen to DNF about a dozen books I purchased new over the years.

    1. I’ve become much more ready to abandon books in the last few years. Someone once told me, “Life is too short to read bad books” and it kind of revolutionized my reading!

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