Life & Travel: Spring Break 2019

Catching up on my reading and review writing after two weeks of spring break here.

The holiday started off a little weak as we’ve all been sick. The Friday before was a scramble of Who can take Rose to the doctor’s office? as Peter and I were both working that day, but we figured it out (Peter took her) and we limped into spring break.

We took two mini vacations this year, first to Whistler and then to Bellingham. In Whistler we stayed in the same condo we’ve used twice before. We were there for Spring Break last year and Pearl still talks about that trip and had asked frequently to return.

(Check out our previous trips to Whistler here and here to see how this mirror photo has changed over time!)

There was still snow on the ground but it was unusually warm for March in Whistler. We did a little bit of sledding on the snow hill they build up in the middle of the village but Pearl wasn’t as into it this year. Both girls loved the playground but their favourite thing was simply being in the condo. They loved the big mirror and sliding closet door and reading stories in front of the fireplace.

Travelling with little kids isn’t necessarily relaxing at the best of times and when everyone is sick, sleep can be even worse. All four of us shared the bedroom but at around 3:30 am on the second night, Peter and I were pulling out the sofa bed in the living room, hoping to get at least a couple hours of sleep.

The trip home saw us hit another parenting milestone: Kid Pukes in Car on Roadtrip. Not so fun.

We had two days at home to catch up on sleep and laundry before we hit the road again and headed to Bellingham. In all honesty, if we hadn’t made a non-refundable deposit on a hotel, we probably would have cancelled on this trip. But by the time our departure came, we were all feeling quite a lot better and, overall, our second holiday went more smoothly.

Our hotel wasn’t fancy but it had what we needed: A room with two separated areas for sleeping, and a swimming pool. Breakfast included was also nice. This time we set the girls up in the living room and took the bedroom for ourselves and we all slept much better. (We also used the pool before bed each night to tire them out.)

Peter and I last visited Bellingham way back during Spring Break 2012 and it was fun to revisit some of the same spots. We hit up some thrift stores (the girls are basically set for spring and summer clothes now!) and found a park near the ocean for Pearl and Rose to play. Rose loved the slide, climbing up and sliding down over and over again, all on her own.

We spent an afternoon in Fairhaven where we ate doughnuts and I wandered through Village Books.

We had planned to re-visit Chuckanut Drive again which is a beautiful, windy road. Concerns about carsickness changed our minds however and so we took the I5 home. This was our first trip across the Canada-US border in a couple of years and Pearl had a lot of questions about countries and borders and passports. Turns out it’s hard to explain these things to a four-year-old! I always enjoy observing the large and small differences between our countries. One of our favourite things to do is go into a grocery store and buy a bunch of candy bars we’ve never seen before.

I’m thankful we were able to get away a bit and thankful to come home to our little town by the sea.

6 thoughts on “Life & Travel: Spring Break 2019”

  1. Ugh! Carsickness is the worst! I suffered from it for years and years (and therefore so did my parents!) so you have my sympathies. Doughnuts make everything better though… πŸ˜‰

    1. It’s terrible! Though I was amazed at how quickly she recovered. I have fortunately never dealt with motion sickness but I know it’s common.

    2. Strangely, Pearl was never carsick when she was rear-facing in the car. I’m hoping it was triggered by other sickness and won’t be a recurring thing.

  2. Catching up around here, love this recap! So fun seeing R in that grey jacket I remember P wearing a lot right? We’re thinking of a possible train trip to Fairhaven so I’ll be asking you for all the recommendations πŸ˜€

    1. Yes, Pearl wore that one a lot! Fairhaven is lovely and a train trip would be so fun. Pearl has been asking to go on a “real train. Not the skytrain.”

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