What I Read – April 2019


The Lesser Bohemians – Eimear McBride (McClelland & Stewart, 2016)

The Night Tiger – Yangsze Choo (Flatiron Books, 2019)

Ordinary People – Diana Evans (Bond Street Books, 2018)

The Incendiaries – R.O. Kwon (Riverhead Books, 2018)

Leaving the Witness – Amber Scorah (Viking, 2019)

The Woo Woo – Lindsay Wong (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2018)

Did Not Finish:

The Binding – Bridget Collins

This was a bit of a departure for me in that I don’t read much fantasy. But the premise sounded interesting so I gave the ARC a try before quitting about a hundred pages in. I found the book frustrating and both predictable and confusing. What time frame is this supposed to be? There are peasants and Lords and lots of farms and no electricity so it feel medieval. But then there are guns and they reference the Middle Age and at one point 1750 is in the past so 19th century?

One hundred pages in and it still felt like so little had been revealed. And what had been shown to the reader was so predictable and I saw coming from so far away I just started to feel like I could figure out the whole book and what was the point of continuing?

Intimate Ties: Two Novellas – Robert Musil (translated by Peter Worstman)

This is a new English translation (from the German) of two novellas originally published in 1911. I tried with the first one and then skimmed the second and I just felt exhausted. The level of detail of minute actions is exhausting but mostly I felt annoyed. The main characters in each are women and the stories are told from a very up-close perspective. We are hearing these women’s thoughts almost directly and they both seem entirely obsessed with men and their relationships with men and, as far as I could see, have no thoughts of their lives unrelated to men in some way. There may be some deeper, more philosophical purpose here that I’m missing but Musil is not the man to explain it to me.

Currently Reading:

The Celebration of Discipline – Richard Foster

Carry Me – Peter Behrens

2019 Reading Goals:

Books Read: 39/100

Books Reviewed: 33/50

Anyone else find their reading slows down as the weather gets better? Six books read this month, which I certainly don’t think is a bad number. Several of the holds I’ve been waiting on at the library recently came available so I will need to step up my reading in order to get them finished before their due dates! I was disappointed by The Binding but don’t regret abandoning either book this month. I think I’m also lagging because the books I read this month weren’t amazing. The highlight was definitely The Night Tiger which I liked a lot but everything else was a bit of a slog. Here’s hoping May’s books turn out to be more gripping.

What was the best book you read in April?

7 thoughts on “What I Read – April 2019”

  1. My reading isn’t much affected by weather but slows down in summer because of tennis watching! I also find that if I hit a run of mediocre books my reading slows to a crawl, so I’m training myself to abandon them rather than struggling on.

    1. Yes! That slows me down too (the mediocre books, not the tennis). I always want to give books a fair chance but I’ll find myself avoiding books altogether if what I’m reading isn’t very good.

  2. I’ve been on vacation so I always get a bit more reading done than usual (which I’m sure other people can relate to when they have built-in babysitters in the form of in-laws around haha). Good for you for DNF’ing books! Life’s too short.

    1. Vacation doesn’t usually mean more reading time for me (yet!) but last summer we went away with my brother and his family and I got so much reading done thanks to my nieces and nephew! Extra family definitely means extra reading!

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