Canada Day 2019

Normally I would inundate you with photos of our town’s annual Canada Day celebrations. However, this year I forgot my camera at home and took very few pictures. Not such a big deal since the parade is pretty similar every year and it’s nice to just enjoy the moment, right? Except this year, Pearl was IN the parade.

Pearl’s grandpa is a volunteer with a local Search and Rescue division and invited her to join him on their boat this year. I honestly didn’t think she would want to since doing something so public is generally not Pearl’s cup of tea. I tried to present it plainly, what she might enjoy and what she might not, and the second time I asked her she gave an enthusiastic yes. For days leading up to the parade, Pearl kept asking when it would be. Then she would solemnly tell her little sister, “Rose, I won’t be watching the parade. I’m going to be in the parade. Sorry, Rose, I won’t be with you. I’m going to be in the parade. You can’t be in the parade, Rose, because you’re too little. Next year, Rose, you can be in the parade too.”

And there, indeed, was Pearl in the parade, waving her Canada flag very solemnly. All we got were phone pics and a couple of videos but we couldn’t be prouder of this little girl for doing something brave and new.

Happy Canada Day!

4 thoughts on “Canada Day 2019”

  1. What a pity about the camera, but it looks as if you all had a great day! Haha – please tell me Rose is already into politics and has called Justin after Mr Trudeau… πŸ˜‰

    1. We officially named him after Justin Bieber (Justin Beaver) but felt it also worked as doubly Canadian with the prime minister. Trudeau has become a much more divisive since we bought Justin so I tend to lean more toward the Bieber influence these days!

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