Life: What We Did in April

So April was…a month. It feels very strange to look back over an entire month full of things I didn’t do. We didn’t swim at the pool. We didn’t get new books from the library. We didn’t have friends over or go to anybody’s home. We didn’t play at the park. I didn’t set foot in a grocery store (Peter is our designated family shopper.)

So what did we do?

We rode bikes. We drew with chalk on our friends’ driveways. We coloured, we painted, we we built train tracks and block towers.

Rose has recently become obsessed with princesses (let’s be honest, we’re getting our money’s worth from our Disney+ subscription) and Pearl started making her paper princesses:

That’s Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty

We walked to the beach and ran races in the vacant lot at the end of the street and played hide-and-seek in the forest.

We took selfies and practiced our fierce faces.

We are literally climbing the walls.

Like a lot of other people, we have planted a garden (my first vegetable garden!). Peter and I have competing sourdough starters (mine is winning) and it’s been surprisingly satisfying to watch it grow and make bread from it. I found myself reading more again but staying up too late. Peter and I watched all of The Mandalorian, all of Kim’s Convenience and are catching up on the latest season of Brooklyn 99.

What are you watching? Reading? Eating? Doing?

9 thoughts on “Life: What We Did in April”

  1. The writing in this post was so witty that I chucked a few times, especially at “We are literally climbing the walls.” That’s so nice that you’re writing on the neighbors driveways with chalk. It’s a nice way to leave a message or a bit of joy without coming into contact. I’ve been trying to sit outside more in these last 24 hours. We have a balcony off of our apartment that looks back on a bit of trees and plants that animals like to inhabit (especially since another tenant likes to feed everything that walks under the sun). I don’t often come out here because the gentleman in the apartment next to ours often comes out and whispers on the phone. If this were a novel, I’d have to investigate and make ludicrous assumptions, but since it’s real life I just feel shy and want to stay off my balcony to give him space. Well, I’ve taken back the balcony!! I’m out here, and good gravy the birds are LOUD.

    1. These particular neighbours are good friends of ours and our kids are good friends too so we’ve been leaving messages back and forth. It’s been a nice way to let the kids stay connected. We have a neighbour who likes to stand on his deck and talk on speaker phone – which is helpful because then we can hear both sides of the conversation. Like you, if this were a novel, we’d be privy to scandalous secrets but since it’s not we mostly just hear him complain about his kids and his job. We don’t really know any of our direct neighbours and we can’t see any of them from our backyard so we all just seem to have agreed that we’ll pretend we can’t hear each other either!

    2. LOL! If this were a book you would break your leg and be unable to move, so some nice soul would wheel you over to the window so you can get some fresh air and sunshine. But this is where you would overhear your neighbor complain about his job. And then we’d learn the boss went missing! You’d fret and tell everyone the suspicious things you heard your neighbor hear, and a few days later they would find the boss’s body with a cuff link that you’re SURE you heard your neighbor say he was missing.

    3. Hahaha! I feel like I’ve seen this movie. Aside from the murder of a (presumably) innocent boss, your version sounds better than the real-life version where I complain about the swear words my kids might be learning!

  2. Literally climbing the walls, ha! I also love that you have a sourdough starter competition going! I’ve resisted that trend so far, but I have planted a vegetable garden. Not my first time, but every year I like the challenge of trying to make it a little bigger and laying it out a little differently, so it always feels like a fresh attempt. This is definitely a time when a project is welcome. I bet your girls will enjoy seeing the food come up too, I remember being very excited about harvests as a kid! They look like they’re still having a great time, and it’s nice they’re still able to “talk” with friends! Hope you all have a lovely May. 🙂

    1. The sourdough has been so satisfying! My first loaf with it was a flop but I’ve made several since and they’ve been really good. It’s just nice to do something with a straightforward, rewarding result right now! And I’m hoping that watching their vegetables grow encourages my girls to eat more of them!

  3. I’m way behind here but it’s nice to catch up on your photos! I’m currently watching Schitt’s Creek, reading Whole Brain Child, eating our sourdough, and doing… playdoh, lego, laundry, imagination games, work (opposite of an imagination game LOL), a few crafty projects, I guess all the things for us to hang in there through this! 🙂

    1. We are doing a lot of the same things! I think we watched Schitt’s Creek on your recommendation. I just got an order of scrapbooking supplies in the mail so now I have to decide if that’s going to be a project WITH the kids or for after they go to bed!

  4. Oh quite possibly, we love that show and have been talking it up! We’re in season 5. Can’t wait to see what you craft!

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