TBR Additions (vol. 2)

  • Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier (thanks to Cathy’s review for convincing me I need to read this one. I still need to read Rebecca as well but enjoyed My Cousin Rachel.)
  • Noopiming: The Cure for White Ladies by Leanne Betasamos Simpson. (This book comes out in September but I have an ARC so hope to read it soon. The title sold me.)
  • The Wild Heavens by Sarah Louise Butler. (Kerry Clare’s review over at Pickle Me This put this book on my radar.)

Have you read any of these?

The above are all photos I took in a single day this week. We painted rocks. I made sourdough bread. (I feel like I’ve really perfected my bread making and am doing it every 3-4 days now.) We drank smoothies on the back deck. The girls and I went on a long neighbourhood walk to pick up veggies and plants and jam at a local farm. This week marked the next phase of re-opening in our province so we have been able to slightly expand our social “bubble”. It was bittersweet to hear Pearl saying to Rose, “We can stand next to Grandma and Grandpa again, Rose!”

In other excitement, Peter and I got a phone upgrade (our first in 8 years!) and the thing I’m most excited for is being able to borrow e-books from the library. I definitely prefer physical books but have missed being able to borrow books. Any apps you love for books?

Happy weekend!

11 thoughts on “TBR Additions (vol. 2)”

  1. Enjoyed this ‘day in the life’ view! Our library uses the Overdrive app for e-books and audiobooks, and I’ve been happy with it so far (currently reading two books by Dan Siegel and Tina Bryson which actually ties in well with your Neufeld review!) I’ve heard good things about the Scribd app but haven’t tried it yet myself.

  2. I’m toggling between Whole Brain Child, and No-Drama Discipline (which is based on the first book). Both of my e-holds became available at the same time! These authors in the same ‘positive parenting’ realm at Neufeld, it feels intuitive but I appreciate the scientific background to back things up and already have a few new ideas to try too.

  3. I love the sound of Jamaica Inn – I haven’t read anything by Du Maurier yet and feel like I’m missing out on some seriously good storytelling. Another for the TBR! Your sourdough bread looks delicious. There’s nothing quite as tasty as a homemade loaf fresh from the oven!

    1. I’ve only read My Cousin Rachel but it was really good so I’m looking forward to reading more du Maurier.

      The sourdough took a bit of time to perfect – my first loaf was a disappointing disaster! – but it’s been very rewarding since I figured it out!

  4. Not sure which apps your library has, but Libby is always the best here. Hoopla is far below what I want in a book app, but the benefit is that when libraries get a book license with Hoopla, no one has to wait in line. The book license expires after two years/52 borrows (whichever comes first). So, it’s great for book clubs! Books are Libby are much cleaner and it’s a more navigable app, but only one person can have a book at a time, so you may have to wait in line. OverDrive is for Kindle devices. If you’re buying books, one of the best places I’ve encountered is Google Books. I bought an audiobook from them last weekend, and if you hit pause the app restarts the book at the beginning of the sentence instead of in the middle, if that’s where you stopped.

    I highly recommend Jamaica Inn and have read it twice quite recently!

    1. Thanks for the app info! Our library uses OverDrive so that’s where I’m starting. I might end up buying some books but I want to try it for free to see how I really feel about reading on a screen!

    2. If they offer Libby, that’s the better app. It’s the updated version of OverDrive, and they only keep OverDrive because nothing else works with Kindle.

    3. It’s weird because Libby/OverDrive are services provided by a company, and the library gets licenses through that company. It’s hard to explain to patrons, so what I typically do is ask what device they have, and if they say anything that isn’t Kindle, I say you want Libby.

    4. I can just imagine the patrons who assume that you personally are responsible for the app…and all their various issues with it!

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