What I Read – June 2020


Drifts – Kate Zambreno (Riverhead Books, 2020)

On the Beach – Nevil Shute (Vintage Books, 2009)

Uncommon Ground – Timothy Keller & John Inazu (Nelson Books, 2020)

Becoming Mrs. Lewis – Patti Callahan (Thomas Nelson, 2018)

The Doctor of Aleppo – Dan Mayland (Blackstone Publishing, 2020)

Etched in My Memory – xwu’p’a’lich Barbara Higgins (Creator’s Touch Press, 2017)

Clear Skies, No Wind, 100% Visibility – Theodora Armstrong (Astoria, 2013)

Rebent Sinner – Ivan Coyote (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2019)

When the Red Gates Opened – Dori Jones Yang (She Writes Press, 2020)

God and the Pandemic – N.T. Wright (Zondervan, 2020)

The Family Clause – Jonas Hassen Khemiri (Anansi, 2020) (translated by Alice Menzies)

The Vanishing Half – Brit Bennett (Riverhead Books, 2020)


I Know Why the Caged Birds Sings – Maya Angelou

2020 GOALS:

Books Read: 53/100

Books Reviewed: 47/75

Current TBR: 174 (previously 176)


I didn’t do a fantastic job of reading the books I said I would in June but I got to about half of them. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings has long been on my TBR and this seems like a good time to read it so I ordered a copy and have recently begun it. After that, I plan to read Halfbreed by Maria Campbell, which is a new edition of a book from an Indigenous writer from many years ago. My next Christian book will be God in My Everything by Ken Shigematsu, a Vancouver pastor.

For ARCs in July, I still have Toky Ueno Station and The Big Door Prize to read as well as The Party Upstairs by Lee Connell and He Must Like You by Danielle Younge-Ullman, both of which have July pub dates.

I have a few e-books waiting from the library but the one most likely to next become available is Five Wives by Joan Thomas.

I always end up prioritizing my own bookshelf last and right now I’m trying to prioritize a greater diversity in the authors I’m reading. So I’m not sure what’s next on that front but it’s not like I’ll be running out of things to read.


I read 12 books this month, a total I’m quite pleased with. This year I have been trying to find a balance between giving myself lots of grace when I don’t read as much while still prioritizing my reading time as much as I can and giving myself goals in order to do so. Obviously it’s been a strange year. (And we’re only halfway through!)

My reading highlights in June are The Vanishing Half, On the Beach, Uncommon Ground, and The Doctor of Aleppo. Have you read any of them? What was your best read this month?

6 thoughts on “What I Read – June 2020”

  1. I oftentimes put snarky comments under my photos to see if anyone notices, so I love how you wrote that you read outside and each chocolate and hide from your children, lol. Personally, I see nothing wrong with hiding from one’s children every so often, especially stay-at-home moms. In fact, I’m reminded of the short story by Doris Lessing called “To Room 19” about a woman and her children. It gets dark at the end, but there is a whole section about mom having her own room/time when the children stay out and ask someone else for help.

    1. I’m glad you noticed it! I don’t feel bad about doing that at all! There are lots of good things about having kids that don’t nap now but I do miss my midday break.

  2. Glad to see On the Beach made the cut! I’ve had an odd month reading wise – some real disappointments and some unexpected treats. One of which was A Registry of My Passage Upon the Earth, which did indeed appeal more to me than it had to you, with a couple of reservations. Must write my review before I forget what those reservations were!

    1. Ooh, I’ll be very interested to read your thoughts on that one! I’m not surprised to hear you got on better with it though.

  3. Wow, twelve books is a great tally! I don’t have children but I do occasionally hide to read and eat snacks (dark chocolate is the best!) away from my grown family members, lol. Having a little space and time just for yourself is a must! Also I’m thrilled to see The Vanishing Half among your highlights, I’ve ordered that one and am hoping to read in July!

    1. Thanks! It’s much harder to hide snacks from grown members of the family!

      I think (hope) you will enjoy The Vanishing Half!

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