Life Lately: Lockdown Week 3

Unfortunately, though predictably, our lockdown has been extended another two weeks (at least) and now includes the entire province. I keep re-writing this post to make it sound less dreary and depressing because really (honestly!) we’re doing fine. We are healthy, we are safe, we are together. I will just say that I am finding this lockdown harder than the one in the spring. A huge part of this is simply the weather. In March and April we had plenty of sunshine and the hope of warm weather and we spent tons of time outdoors. In November that’s a lot harder and it’s cold and rainy and blah. Another big difference is that in the spring Peter was working at home and so even though that was strange and difficult at times, all four of us were together. This time Peter continues to go to work and Pearl is in school (and I’m super thankful that both are possible) so it’s just Rose and I for a lot of the time. For me, it feels a lot more lonely.

But, again, rather than complaining, I want to focus on what I’m thankful for. Several blogs I follow have started doing weekly check-ins to share what’s making them happy and what they’re grateful for and I love hearing these glimmers of hope and joy from around the world. Here’s some of mine:

  • The library! Pretty much the only place I can go with Rose these days. I’m so grateful that we can go and feel safe doing so. I’m so grateful for the abundance of books to choose from and enjoy with my girls.
  • Games! Every few months it seems like we realize that Pearl can do things she couldn’t before. Recently we’ve started playing Labyrinth and Carcassonne as a family (Rose is usually on an adult’s team) and Pearl loves it! It’s so fun to see her grow and develop.
  • Our friends had a baby! While it’s sad not to be able to celebrate in person or hold their new little guy, it’s still absolutely something to celebrate. And it felt even more special somehow to make them food and put together a little care package to help them through the early weeks.
  • Related: the subsequent group text between four moms where we swapped post-birth recovery tips. It got real honest!
  • The province making masks mandatory in all public interior spaces. No, nobody likes wearing them but if it helps even a little bit then it’s worth it.
  • Pearl’s signs of early reading. It might be a while yet until she’s really reading but she’s making some amazing first steps. She’s sounding out words and recognizing sight words and, best of all, she’s so eager and motivated. I’ve felt a lot of emotions about sending her to school this year but seeing the progress she’s making and how comfortable she feels there is a huge answer to prayer.
  • The routine of school drop-off and pick-up. Okay, sometimes this one is hard. Some days it’s hard to get everyone out the door and sometimes I am not patient with the girls. We have about a 20 minute walk to school so a decent portion of my day revolves around taking Pearl to school, coming home, going back to school to pick Pearl up, and then returning home. But I also love the routine and the rhythm it gives to our days. I love seeing a new routine of our neighbourhood. The other parents taking their kids to school. The dog walkers. The postal workers. Waving to our friend around the corner as he heads off to work or stopping to say good morning to the friendly older lady out for her daily walk. I love the opportunity it creates to talk to Pearl about her day at school. I love the chance it gives to take in the natural world around us. We’ve stopped to look at spiders, observe eagles, watch some workers felling a big tree, or simply collecting colourful leaves.
  • Crazy hair day! Thankful that my girl gets to experience some of these school traditions and fun. She was so excited about this! Yes, I was toasting marshmallows with a lighter the night before. Her hair is supposed to be a bonfire!
Shining as much light as we possibly can

The best thing I’ve done during this lockdown though has been to make a concerted effort to reach out to a different friend every day. I decided to do this at the beginning when we were looking at a 2 week lockdown and I’m continuing it for as long as this lasts. (I’m probably going to have to start repeating friends but that’s ok.) I’ve sent texts and e-mails and cards. It’s nothing fancy, a simple hello. I also make sure to pray for that friend as I think of them throughout the day. It’s been a great way to focus on positive things as well as enabling me to feel connected to friends even now.

Are you in lockdown where you live? What are your best tips for getting through this winter? What are you thankful for this week?

8 thoughts on “Life Lately: Lockdown Week 3”

  1. Ah, I’m sorry to hear your lockdown has been extended, but glad it sounds like you’re all hanging in. Taking the time to connect with friends seems like a great way to combat some of the distance and solitude, especially with the weather getting you down a bit. Seasonal affective disorder is going to be especially tough for many this year, I’m sure. But it is always good to focus on the positives! It’s so exciting that Pearl has started playing games and is gearing up for reading, and the crazy hair looks like such a fun experience for her. 🙂 And I’m sure Rose is thrilled to have the extra time with you as well! She always looks so happy.
    Getting outside for walks when the weather allows is my go-to survival tip for being stuck at home, and it sounds like you’re already doing that. Oh, and spontaneous dance parties! I’m a terrible dancer, but putting on a good song and letting yourself (or your kids at least!) let loose and be silly can be a great way to boost your energy and break up the day. I think it’s the exercise mainly, in whatever form, that helps ease the mind.
    Wishing you all the best of course, and hoping your lockdown will end at the next two week mark!

    1. It was pretty clear that it would be extended and I think it’s for the best but still hard. Spontaneous dance parties are definitely a good idea and one we participate in around here! The girls and I will crank up princess music and dress up and just dance around the house!

  2. Lovely post! It’s been ,a crazy year and yes, I’m finding restrictions in November to be the most wearing. (This from an introvert who loves being at home…)
    It is wonderful to read a post that is honest, with a lot of positive in it, still. Rose is a bright ray of sunshine. The extra time you give her now will shine through her life.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m an introvert too and one who likes being cozy at home so I don’t know how extroverts are surviving this!

  3. We definitely have crazy hair day in U.S. schools, but never have I ever seen bonfire hair! So creative, Karissa! I must confess your lock downs sound different from the ones we had back in the spring. Lock down meant all businesses were closed except essential services, like grocery stores. You couldn’t go to work, there was no school, nothing was open for leisure time . . . So I guess I’m surprised that the schools are open where you are? Can you tell us a bit more what they mean by lock down in your area?

    1. I can’t take full credit as I did find the idea on-line for Pearl’s hair!

      Our lockdown in the spring was like that. This time it’s more focused on social interactions. Most businesses are open except for things like gyms and cinemas. If you can work from home, you’re supposed to. The big thing is that social interactions are limited to your own household, even for a get together outside. I can go to a restaurant but only with someone from my household. Religious gatherings are not allowed either. It’s all pretty clearly economy focused. Closing schools means a lot of people can’t work so they’re keeping it as a last resort.

    2. I see what you’re saying. In Chicago, the mayor has a “Stay At Home Advisory.” I mean, she’s basically saying, “Please stay home; you know I can’t do anything about this or we’re all going to be homeless.”

    3. People are actually getting fined now that it seems like it’s for more obvious parties and get togethers. We’re also advised to avoid non-essential travel but it’s a suggestion not a mandate. It would probably be impossible to 100% enforce any of this.

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