The Great Christmas Tree Hunt 2020

2020 may have changed a lot of things but it hasn’t changed one of my favourite Christmas traditions. The Great Christmas Tree Hunt! This is where we go and find a tree on the Crown lands near the power lines (which they have to clear out periodically anyway) and we cut it down and bring it home. We were fortunate to have a clear and sunny day to do so and enjoyed our time outdoors, searching for the perfect tree.

I’m pretty firm on not decorating for Christmas before the beginning of Advent and usually we wait until we can get our tree to put out any Christmas decorations. This year, like so many others, I felt in need of a little cheer and so as soon as possible, I asked Peter to bring up our Christmas boxes and all last week the girls and I were reading Christmas books and collecting pine branches to decorate with. Now that everything is officially decorated, it’s feeling very festive and cozy.

We are also trying something new this year and we let the girls each have a tiny Christmas tree of their own in their room. They decorated as they pleased, choosing some ornaments they have made in past year’s as well as various other things they thought were pretty. The result is rather chaotic but, I think, kind of adorable.

14 thoughts on “The Great Christmas Tree Hunt 2020”

    1. Thank you! Turns out the mini trees are a great way to keep them from pulling stuff off the main tree and they’re thrilled to have Christmas stuff in their room!

  1. We’ve just picked ours today! I’m really excited to get it up and decorated this year, normally we leave it quite late but 2020 definitely needs all the extra sparkliness it can get. Your tree looks lovely! The mini trees are a great idea, I can imagine they had lots of fun decorating!

    1. I fully agree! 2020 needs all the sparkle we can give it! The mini trees have each been knocked over half a dozen times but the girls are enjoying them so much!

  2. Christmas trees and cats don’t get along in my house since the only place available is on their direct route to the windowsill! It’s so exciting never knowing when it’s going to be toppled over… 😉

    1. Oh dear…that would be exciting! The girls’ mini trees have each been knocked over a few times but then they have the fun of re-decorating them so no one seems to mind.

      I was actually just thinking of you recently and missing your posts. Hope all is well.

    2. Yes, thanks. Well, physically all is well – struggling badly to keep positive, what with pandemics and Brexit horrors and so on but hopefully 2021 will be a bit better than 2020!

    3. I’m sorry to hear that. It is hard to find positivity in the world right now but I hope you’re able to find some joy, even in small things.

  3. Ah, the little trees for Pearl and Rose are indeed adorable! I also love the picture of Rose discovering her snowsuit pocket- I just found an extra pocket in a new winter coat I bought last year and can confirm that’s a happy surprise, lol. It’s good to see your family getting into the festive spirit; I hope it’ll be a good Christmas season for you all! 🙂

    1. I once bought a rain jacket and discovered a “secret” inside pocket. And then discovered that the pocket actually turned into a pouch to fold the whole jacket into! It was a nice surprise. The funny thing about Rose though was that she wore this snowsuit last year but I guess she forgot about the pocket.

      It will be a very different Christmas for us but it’s hard to feel too grumpy with little kids who are so excited about it all!

    2. Oh, that’s even cuter, Rose getting excited about a pocket that was forgotten!

      Kids’ excitement is so infectious. I’m glad you’ve got them to help keep things cheerful! I’m in an isolation bubble with my parents and brothers since we’re all living and working on the same farm this year, but there’s no one too small in my immediate family so we’re sort of the opposite to you this year, getting excited about having just a nice, relaxing adult time of it. We’ll miss all of our relatives of course, but it’ll also be nice to play strategy games and watch something other than Frosty or Polar Express! (Classic favorites, yes, but a change is necessary once in a while!)

    3. I’m glad you can be with some family. I definitely understand what you mean about the quiet of a grown-up Christmas! I think ours will be quiet without extended family get togethers and the girls being with their cousins. We’ll definitely be watching Muppet Christmas Carol here!

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