Best Christian Writing – The Third Annual Karissa Reads Books Literary Awards

Hello and welcome back!

Christian writing is a new category for the Karissa Reads Books Literary Awards and not one that everyone will be that interested in. It does, however, make up a not insignificant portion of my reading and it’s one of the categories that I really did make an effort to continue to read throughout this year. These are books I often make a point of reading before bed each night and these are a few of the books that have helped me stay focused and mentally healthy this year.

Honourable mention goes to:

God in my Everything by Ken Shigematsu (Zondervan, 2013)

This is a book that explores the history of religious rhythms and the importance of them. It was a pretty perfect read for a year where so much of our regular schedule has gone out the window but I think it’s one that also has value in any time of life.

Prayer by Philip Yancey (Zondervan, 2007)

I’ve read several books on prayer. It is, after all, a central tenet of the Christian faith. In this book, Yancey explores the question “Does prayer make a difference?” As I always do with Yancey’s work, I appreciated his honesty and his ability to let questions lie unanswered.

And the Winner is….

Uncommon Ground edited by Timothy Keller & John Inazu (Thomas Nelson, 2020)

In many ways, this was the right book at the right time. I was reading it at the beginning of June as the news was filled with stories of racial tension and rioting in the USA and in Canada. Evidence of the deep divides that had so long existed in both countries seemed all around me. While this book wasn’t written as an answer to any of that, it was created as a response to how to respond, as Christians, to some of those issues causing those great divides. This is a collection of pieces by various Christian writers, collected specifically for this book, and it delves into deep topics of race, politics, sexism, economics, and more. As a whole, this book is a deep call for justice and compassion and one I think that all Christians should read and consider.

Do you read religious writing at all? Any favourites or ones that you think everyone should read? (It doesn’t have to be Christian!)

See you next Monday for Best Memoir!

6 thoughts on “Best Christian Writing – The Third Annual Karissa Reads Books Literary Awards”

  1. I always have trouble reading Christian books … I usually just prefer the Bible! But I like the idea of having spiritual leaders help explain things to me in a more modern-day context. I think I will try reading Uncommon Ground this year!

    1. Reading the Bible is definitely always a great option and I would certainly not want to deflect from that! For me, a solid Christian author can help me find fresh insights in the Bible and it’s been particularly helpful for me at different times when my Bible reading has started to feel too rote. I don’t see it as a replacement but as a supplement, if that makes sense. I really recommend Uncommon Ground!

  2. Sometimes the timing when you come to a book can really make the experience. It sounds like Uncommon Ground was a great help in a trying time, and one that can be returned to and applied to many situations. A wonderful find for 2020!

  3. I found your writing as a suggestion. I am glad. I like writing Christian thoughts that comes in my head. I self-published book to give others a working tool for supporting in their journey of leadership as a servant of God. I hope one day to be on your list as well.

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