Life Lately: Lockdown Week ???

We’re somewhere around 5 or 6 weeks into this current lockdown. About two weeks ago it was extended to January 8th and while I don’t believe that the government is (or even has the power to) cancelling Christmas, there have been the ups and downs of emotions surrounding that announcement. We are, however, very fortunate, not just because we have two little girls who are going to be so excited and happy Christmas morning, no matter what, but because we will be able to still celebrate with Peter’s parents who live close by. While we initially thought it wouldn’t be allowed under the current restrictions, we learned last week that it was okay and so are planning accordingly, even as we miss the family and friends we won’t be able to see this year.

Today is the beginning of Winter Break in the schools and we’re all looking forward to having Peter and Pearl home for the next while. Christmas preparations are different around here but still plenty to enjoy and look forward to.

This post is kind of lacking in a coherent theme but here are some pictures from our life lately, mostly not that Christmas related:

Sending and receiving Christmas cards is making me extra happy in this year where connecting with others feels more important than ever.
I get to see this view every day, taking Pearl to school and bringing her home.

Not pictured: My general emotional excitement watching the vaccine roll-out across the country. I know I’m months away from getting it myself (and as a healthy, low risk person, that’s perfectly fine with me) but I’m in complete awe that we are already implementing vaccines for a virus we were barely aware of a year ago. Humans are capable of amazing things.

Anyone who has lived as long as I have is alive because they have had previous vaccinations.

Sir Ian McKellen, upon receiving his first COVID vaccination

6 thoughts on “Life Lately: Lockdown Week ???”

  1. So one daughter does the baking, the other does the art, and you just lie around doing cuddles? Looks like you’ve got this delegation thing sorted! 😉 Yes, great news about the vaccines – can’t wait!

    1. You got it! Parenting is so easy!

      I’ll admit, I got teary-eyed watching footage of the first Canadians to receive the vaccine. I feel like that’s a moment I’ll tell my grandkids about. I know we’re not through this yet but it’s so good to have some hopefulness.

  2. That Sir Ian McKellen makes me hopeful. I feel down right now because it’s sinking in that Christmas is not happening this year for us, not the way it’s supposed to, and I’m trying to fill the time with movies and games to distract myself. Then, the news hit of this coronavirus mutation, and I feel down, just very, very down. However, your pictures of the girls baking and doing spa day made me happy, Karissa.

    1. I’m glad this brought some happiness but I’m sorry you’re feeling down. I don’t think it’s really sunk in for me that I won’t see my parents or brother at all. I’ve gone Christmases without seeing my parents when they lived overseas but I’ve never gone this long without seeing my brother. I know I’m really lucky to have little kids to celebrate with but it makes me sad that we can’t share their excitement with family.

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