2021 Highlights: Week 1

I want to make a habit this year of sharing a few highlights and updates, as I always enjoy when other bloggers do this and it can help keep my mind focused on the positive. It feels a bit strange to begin on such a week, when the news is full of chaos and unrest, but maybe 2020 has taught us that the news will always be full of chaos and unrest and that means it’s all the more important to highlight what is good and beautiful in the world.

So here are some good things from this week:

• New Year’s Day explorations to Ruby Lake and Ambrose Lake. It was rainy and the trail to Ambrose was a river in parts but fun to do some new explorations and we listened to The Wind in the Willows on our drive to Pender Harbour.

• It’s been a very rainy week and the girls I got absolutely soaked one afternoon on the walk home from school. There were definitely some complaints but that evening, Pearl prayed before dinner and thanked God for the rain because “it’s good for all the plants”.

• Our good friends had their baby!

• The return of school routines and our daily walks. I miss Pearl when she’s at school but I really enjoy our walks there and back and witnessing the girls observe the world around them.

Tell me a highlight of your week!

6 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 1”

  1. My one-year anniversary with my boyfriend – which we had to spend apart instead of at the Michelin-starred restaurant we’d hoped to go to, but we had a Netlix Party movie date and sent each other a lot of sentimental/cute messages, and I’m so happy he’s in my life! Love that school routines are back for you guys – I bet that makes a huge difference to morale.

    1. Happy Anniversary! That’s definitely something to celebrate, though I’m sorry to hear you couldn’t be together in person. I have a lot of mixed feelings about school right now but the routine is good and definitely a good return for the kids.

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