2021 Highlights: Week 15

We’ve had a week of absolutely beautiful weather. So I can (somewhat) ignore the state of the world, the third COVID wave that we’ve entered, and the looming threat of further restrictions in the province. I know it’s a privilege to turn off the news and focus on my sunny little bubble but sometimes it’s also a mental health necessity.

Cherry blossoms!
  • This week’s highlights have been centred around backyard days and afternoons at the beach:
  • Planting seeds in the garden. I am rather enjoying the return to my morning and evening watering routine.
  • Pearl’s class did a little science fair this week and each presented their experiment. Pearl’s was a volcano (classic!) and it was a really fun experience.
  • Her class also got to spend another afternoon at the local Botanical Gardens. Rose and I joined them at the end and had a bit of extra time to enjoy the gardens.
  • Rose officially wins “First Member of the Family to Swim in the Ocean This Year”. We spent the afternoon at the beach, digging in the sand and running around in the shallows. The water is still very cold (it is April after all) but Rose was eager to go in. I’ll be honest, I tried to dissuade her because I knew I’d have to accompany her but she insisted. She did a few kicks, submerged up to her neck while I held her, and then was ready to go in.
  • Warm weather at this point of the year always feels like such a gift. We have a few more days to enjoy before the spring rains return and that’s good and needed too. In the meantime, we’ll keep soaking it all in.

8 thoughts on “2021 Highlights: Week 15”

  1. Ah, I love seeing the sunshine and short sleeves outside- we’ve gotten back down into freezing temps here but I’m so eager for spring to arrive properly and seeing it elsewhere makes me optimistic! I’m glad you’ve all been able to enjoy the nice weather!

  2. What lovely photos! We had unexpected sunshine at the weekend, despite the fact that it was snowing a week ago, and I caught the bus to my local marina and pretended I was having a summer holiday while I watched the boats. It really does make such a difference!

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